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ESP32-wroom-32E with 18650 Li-Ion battery

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Dec 10, 2012
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Hi every body,

I am using ESP32-wroom-32E module and I need it to power it with 18650 Li-Ion battery. It should work like this,

- When there is power input, it should power from power input and charge battery
- if battery is fully charged, it should cut-off battery charging.
- if there is no power input, it should supply from battery.

I am planning to use 18650 Li-ion barttery in parallel to increase the current capacity. I will use 18650 Li-ion with capacity of 2000mAh and 3 or 4 in parallel to get 6000mAh - 8000 mAh.

Any suggestion or reference design will be helpful.

Best Regards.


No voltage specification, no current soevifucation, no "power input" specification.

And no clear question.
What information do you need?

The ESP is just a "load" like many others. There are many other projects running on battery and other power source like you describe.
Cellular phones, wireless speakers, tablets, blod pressure measurement, flaslights, many many other devices.

Tell us more about where you see a problem.


Hi Klaus, thanks for your reply.

Power input will be from usb and it is 5VDC. Battery charging current should be 1A or 2A.

I have never designed a circuit with battery and its charging stage.

Current cunsumption is around 800-1000mA and i need to run for 5-6 hours min. So i need to have min. 6000mAh capacity.

i need information about what should i care or focused? Any reference design or ic suggestion.


Every charger IC manufacturer has part selection guides. The nanufacturers provide darasheet as well as application notes.
This usually is my first place for informations.
If you want to find manufacturers: do a search at distributors. They also provide online selection guides.

Btw: this will involve switch mode power supply. It's not a good idea if you don't have experience with electronics design.
Better look for ready to buy solutions.
Do a search for: "18650 power supply charger" or similar.
Or simply use a ready to buy battery bank. As I understand it provides all the functions you need.


I have a question, Using 3 Li-ion/LiPo in parallel with TP4056 board or MCP73123 board, Is it make problem when charcing each battery?

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