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EMI, EMC and ESD consideration

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PCB design

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Nov 11, 2010
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When designing a high speed, high density, multi-layer PCB and RF designs , how is the EMI, EMC and ESD considerations taken care of?

Don White has quite a few books on this topic See **broken link removed**

i have a lot of pdf files about emc,you could contact me , i send them to you.

Re: signal and power integrity for pcb designers
Generic Links

Some interesting reading and links.
"Electromagnetic Compatability Engineering" Henry Ott ISBN798-470-18930-6
"High-Speed Digital Design" Howard Johnson & Martin Graham ISBN 0-13-395724-1
"Right The First Time" Lee W. Ritchey Free Download Right the First Time

Henry Ott Consultants
Tech Tips

The EMC Compliance Club
A source of some excellent articles by Keith Armstrong and others, including a few articles on shielding audio equipement
EMC Information Centre - The EMC Journal (Free in the UK)

Signal Integrity Sites
**broken link removed**
Speeding Edge consultants specialize in high-speed PCB and system design disciplines

A simple presentation of some of the Issues.
**broken link removed**

And one of my favorites:
Especially number one, regarding clocks, which will apeal to all those that instead of using the
clock or crystal next to a device on a board, add a seperate board with long leads to achieve low jitter.
The 10 Best Ways to Maximize Emission from Your Product

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Links from this thread, some havn't copied, go to thread below:
try this one....excellent book....

High Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic

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