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electronic rust prevention

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Sep 26, 2001
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I need documentation or schematics about electronic rust prevention.
Best Regards.


Are you thinking of the sacrificial electrode system where another material is connected by wire to the one you want to protect and the sacrificial material is oxidized instead?

I search for a schematics that works.

cell1 said:
I need documentation or schematics about electronic rust prevention.
Best Regards.

Do a search for the term "cathodic protection". You will
find many, many links. Here is one to get you started.

**broken link removed**

pulse pwm

use forinstance a 555 circuit too drive a fet

on say a car you can pulse - 12v to the chasis and this will provent rust by making the gnd point lower
this can be made relative too earth
the sacrifice method is better

although i take it it is iron or steel as you say rust not corrode or oxidise

so prob your best to galvinise and take time too protect this coating

other than this pulse pwm but is very experimintal
maybe a better source is an ioniser

Could you share the circuit and document when you find them? I am interested to know more.

Frankly I doubt as corrosion happens over time, those that consume electricity cannot be a practical solution, using the differences of electronics-charge for protection is more feasible.

You could get galvanised-zince spray to spray a layer for dispense, on top of that you can spray a layer of normal paint. This would give a reasonable good amount of protection that most likely to outlast the structure or equipment themselves.

From my experience these things don't work on cars. There are companies selling these products but they don't work.
Cathodic protection works very well for steel pipelines buried in the ground. The idea is to make the pipe negative with respective to the ground. This is achieved with a transformer rectifier unit, some of which are automatic with and electronic thyristor controller with feedback and setpopint. Other systems use sacrificial anodes which are usually magnesium ground beds buried in the ground and bonded to the pipe to be protected. The sacrificial anodes are designed to have a certain lifespan - 10 years 20 years etc.

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