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electronic ignition and injection

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May 8, 2001
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can any1 give me details as how to go abt designing this electronic igniton and injection. if there is any sample proj with source code it would b of more help


HI.. snsriram79

Circuit Cellar issue 145 (August 2002, page 36-43) may be an answer to your your question. This article titled "Digital Ignition System: Building Without Distributor" explains how to build an microcontroller-controlled (Atmel's AVR AT90S2313) digital ignition system for a car. It includes all source codes (can be downloaded from CC's website) and schematics..

Hope this helps :)

Hi Dspnut,
Do you have a direct link to the sources.
Thanks in advance

i`v don`t know theyr experience in this kind of ignition so check this links.
there are from hobyst who build an efi and other stuff releted to it
**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**

i`m also interested about the schematics from c.c .the one i have is an old design wich use a pal hard to get today.

Hi all,
What a wonderful list of information about ignition systems...I really want to say the T-word to you, Ghettoman
...(I'm hope that I am not breaking any elektroda's rules [about thanking] here :) ) ..

I'm not really in to the ignition system design. I just came across this article by chance. I have the hard-copy version of this article. I don't have the direct link. But I believe that several helpful people here in Elektroda should be able to direct you to the pdf-file of this aritcle. Meanwhile, I will check my library (in my hard drive) whether or not I have this article in the pdf format. I will upload it if I've found it... :)

even a scan of this will be useful if you don`t have a pdf version
anyway thanks in advance

Hi all,

OK, I've found it. Here is the article. Wish you all good luck with your project :D

Hi ghettoman
8O I don't understand. :? You can download the file by clicking the 'Download' (under the paper clip icon) inside the table in my last post. People have been downloading it 17 times, already.

i still can not see it.can you post the direct link?maybe the admin disable this in my case :((((((

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