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Electronic Circuit analysis problem

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Nov 13, 2022
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Hi everyone. I am studying at an electronic university. And I want to work on research and development in the future. Now I am a designer of some electronic circuits. I can set up schematics and blocks. But Really I can't do circuit analysis. ıf I want to set up one electronic circuit, for example;

1-) I specification my input and output voltage, current
2-) I set up block ( regulator, converter, mcu something like that)
3-) When I set my circuit. I have to simulate in the some program or that account for circuit analysis. Because I have to choose some components for electronic devices. But I can't do this.
Because I don't know my mesh current value. Because my teacher shown the linear circuit analysis but the component non-linear. I can't select components because I haven't done circuit analysis. I tried in the ltspice for simulation. But I can't find my component.
Really I am willing to this subject. I want to learn good way. Can you help me for this situation please ? Maybe as video series or sources something like that . Or maybe your can explain how to create electronic designer step to step.

And I believe, If I a solution to this problem I design so many devices.

have a healthy day.


I don´t understand the exact problem.

please choose a real example. A small one. With draft, with information, with schematic....
Then tell us what you can do, and where you stall.


Well, in additional to circuit analysis, you need an understanding what a component is/can be used for before you'd know you have to select it. You need an understanding of how a component works, and the necessary parameters to consider, in order to be able to size it.

You need to grab some textbooks. Select a simple project and start off. Solve problems as you encounter them and you will gain motivation as you reach a milestone.

Okay, I will try to explanatory information. for instance on grid UPS. I will make this project. firstly I am searching for some sources. After that, I set it up the schematic. my first problem is correct component selection. Because I can't figure out circuit analysis. You can see my schematic design first in the picture. Let's suppose that choose the correct component and I made a circuit analysis.

For example; I had to find one 3-phase bldc motor driver circuit for a drone motor in the stm application note.(pictures 2 and 3) After that, I decided maybe that can set simulation. But I can't find the spice model. Sometimes I can find but sometimes I can't find it. If I learn the correct simulation method or analysis. I will successful.

I mean that can research and I set some schematic. But after that step I can't simulate. Really I wonder How is your circuit step. I know my input and output but I can't do circuit analysis. If you there are some advice ( how can I choose the correct component or How can I set up to correct simulation and analysis) Really I will be happy forever. And I searched transformer design for a push-pull converter about 4 months ago. Just I found a good answer over here. And I will find my problem solution here I know that.I want to improve my job. And really I am avid to this situation. But I don't have any helpful my around. But the internet really stronger in so many ways. Have a healthy day.​


They I had use Tvs Diode and some filter capaticor. But How can they decided that value ?



I asked for a small example. But you showed a complete system.
You first need the overview, but then you deed to divide them down to much smaller units.
Then solve one after the other.
I often go from target (output) back to input.


So you want to build a drone. (Target)
Then you have mechanical size, weight..
Thus you could calculate the motor specification.(mechanical values --> electrical values)
Electrical motor values --> motor power stage values
And so on...


About simulation:
It seems you think you can't design a circuit without simulation.
But for me this is the usual way. For decades now. I use simulations very, very rarely.
They may be useful, but they are surely not mandatory.


I learn better when I am working on a project that "pulls
me through the text" and don't retain much just reading.

However I might suggest books like "The Art of Electonics"
which can be found in electronic form. Likewise some of
the old Radio Shack "Experimenter's ..." series if you
want pre-planned projects.

There's too much going on, to not focus.

You can design without simulation. Refine, not so much
(other than cut-and-try, which is what I use simulation for).
When you get past maybe a dozen active components
you'll be way ahead simulating, compared to soldering,
provided you can get all the models, know your care-abouts
and all that. Don't need to know nuthin', to make a solder

Firstly Thanks for your recommendation ( KlausST,dick_freebird, Akanimo). Now I began flyback converter. And I calculated some values for example input, output, Lp, transformer radio, etc. I will choose a component ( by the way maybe you can advise about component selection, sources etc). After I will try simulation and I will Altium designer program. You are really right about your idea. I agree with you. When we make the project we are better to learn. But My country is expensive in the electronic component. And now I didn't work anywhere. just only I have to work on pc. And I thought as a solution my problem. If I use an emulator program for example proteus. I can write code and set up circuits over there. Now I began c program. I used c program one year ago. And I didn't come anything else idea my mind. Your really good person. Because your was experience imparting to me.This my situation I think your understand me. If your have any advice I will listen to your good idea. Thanks for everything.

Please show the requirements for your flyback, values for the parameters you have calculated and the components you have attempted to select and we will advice accordingly. Try a google search with keywords like "best power electronics books", purchase some of the books and proceed from there.

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