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electricity/power meter input terminal burning out

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Oct 18, 2011
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I am facing issue with power at my home, The input phase wire/terminal to the electric meter of my home is getting heated and burning out repeadtly. Connection is working through following flow

Power line---->Meter----> Main Switch-----> fuse Box----> rooms

Now no heating issue faced at main switch/fuse box/ any switch/socket of room.

But input terminal is getting burned repeadtly, what can be the issue and how to solve this, I am using Analog power meter at my home

The same current flows through each part of the circuit so the only cause of localized heating can be resistance at the terminal itself. Assuming the wire rating is adequate, check the copper wire(s) is clean, the terminal is clean and the terminal is securely connected to the meter itself. Obviously, ensure the wire retaining screw is tight! If that doesn't fix it, post a photograph of the overheated terminal while still in use so we can see it's size and likely rating.


Actually the terminal is in very bad shape after first time it was heated, There are 2 screws in the terminal, the one in the lower side of the terminal is welded into terminal due to heating. I have connected the wire to the the uper screw of the terminal from outside as i cannot pass the wire from the inside, I will post photos of the meter for your reference. I think terminal cannot be changed the only way out seems to be changing meter. But as meter is costly if its burns out again it will be very bad. I cannot proceed further until i trace the actual issue

If two screws are fitted you must assume two screws are necessary. This is really a mechanical task. I would take apart the meter and try to extricate the piece of copper(or brass) which has the terminal on. Now try to unscrew the seized screw, if a screw driver fails then a pipe wrench on the head might do it, work the screw backwards and forwards with some oil or WD40 on it might do the job. The next escalation is to heat the screw with a gas torch in the hope along with your oil and pipe wrench that you can loosen it.
At this stage its best to abandon the screw, cut the head off and put a dimple in its centre and drill the screw out, it is likely that the pressure of the drill and the rotation will drive the screw further in. this is actually not too bad as the screw is loose now. Stuff a screw driver in the hole and unscrew the screw. The only other thing you could do is to drill out the wire hole, it is likely that the drill will snag and break. Once you have a clear passage, drill another face of the terminal and tap a new thread for a new BRASS screw.

Thanks Frank, I changed the complete terminal, But still its getting heated and darkens.... I changed the terminal 3 times but same issue, I cant locate the Root for heating

Heat is generated when there is electrical resistance in the circuit. As the other parts of your wiring are not overheating it means the resistance is localized to that terminal. A photograph of it would be useful so we can see exactly what is there. The other possibility is the terminal is OK but the wire connecting to it has high resistance. Is the copper of the wire clean and unbroken? If it is fractured, has missing strands or is corroded it will increase the resistance and might be the cause of your problem.


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