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Easy Windows Visual Programming ??

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Dec 24, 2001
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easy visual programming

I've used the C programming language for many years in DOS and find it a great language to use on the PC and for microcontrollers etc.
I have come to the point though where I need to start programming up some windows applications, so therefore got a book on Microsoft Visual C++ and tried it out.
After trying some of the book examples though, it seems really hard going to me, just trying to do anything even simple seems to take ages and seems to get so involved.
I have been told that using Visual Basic or Delphi would be a lot easier, but I want something that uses the C language rather than Basic or Pascal.
This leads me the the big question then, what is out there that I could use to easily create my C windows apps ???
Would Borland C Builder be any easier to use at all ?
Any advice appreciated.


win32 programming in windows visual programming

Yes I think that Borland C++Builder would be good for your the visual programming side is like delphi and vb

simple visual programming

borland builder is the most easy program for windows programming if you using C

windows visual programming

Borland C++ builder might be an easy way, but IMO it's not really feasible.
First, it uses VCL components, which are written in Delphi, second, its a non-cross-platform solution. Thus your learning gets spend on Windows programming only - and with C++ Builder only.

I'd recommend a more diversified approach. Use a portable crossplatform class library.
QT (by trolltech) for instance is such a beast and allows to write applications that run on Windows, Unix (includes variants as Linux) and Mac OS X.
QT for Windows integrates in MS Visual Studio (that's the way I tested it) - I don't know about Borland C++ Builder.
When programming for Unix, you might want to use the KDE-based KDevelop as an integrated development environment.

Thanks for that chaps.
Getting hold of a copy of C++ Builder in a few days.
That QT also looks pretty good. If anyone finds a copy of it on the web anywhere, please let us know !

Ron. :smile:

Well, QT for Linux is GPL'd (or something similar). QT for Windows is commercial, unfortunately. There is an evaluation version, though, which comes as precompiled DLL and can be used freely in non-commercial application. This version integrates in MSVC++ at least. (Integration means adding some toolbar buttons and adding an AppWizard)

Even if this thread is kinda old, there are some news I have to share.
Just now (today), a very kindly soul* uploaded QT 3.0.3 Windows Educational ... Details on ~tf, programming forum. Look for e-books, even if this is none.

*) may his feet be kissed and slobbered upon until the skin at his feet soles is soft, lovely and well-smelling like a baby's behind

visual c--

being a microcontroller C user, I am also looking for some simple C environment for programming simple windows applications. Dont want C++ features and overheads. Just plain C which can produce the "Hello World" output with minimum code. Just looking at the code produced by the VC++ for the "Hello World" turns me off. Isn't there some simple flavour of VC-- like VB.

Hi there,
I was using my abandon Turbo C++ 3.0 for many years and i got sick to build interfaces then i searched for a new windows ool.Then i saw a demo of bcb 1.0 and tried its full version.Now i'm using it about 3 years with no problem.I'm using bcb4 and didnt need to upgrade vers6.So, dont waste your time with ms vc++, jump directly to bcb.You'll be adapted very easily.If you have further questions, just ring me.

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