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[SOLVED] Easy Radio Transmitter Builds

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Jul 17, 2011
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I was really wondering how I could get on the us am broadcast frequency range at about 900khz and to be able to tap out some morse code

If you were able to find one or more circuits (suitable to what you may have as components), we may have the chance to discuss it (them) at the level you suggest.

You may try searching for 1MHz oscillator as a start.
FM band means we will be thrown to play around 100 MHz instead of 1 MHz. :smile:
On the other hand, the main concept on which oscillators of these two bands are based, is likely the same.

Spark Gap Transmitter.gif this is another transmitter i came across for am band. the reason i switched bands was because one plan failed

Wow... when you said 'Morse Code', I imagined a tiny on/off switch (push-button) that turns on/off a simple electronic oscillator.
Your project on post #7 is an interesting one. But it needs also that the builder has mechanical skills which I don't have :) , unless he looks to buy some ready made devices.

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i know the difference between am and fm

Good... and the good news is that an oscillator made for AM or FM works to send low rate signal as morse code.

But to receive this signal, it is better to work on the AM waveband I guess, by adjusting the oscillator frequency around 1000 KHz (where the reception is quiet, if this is possible among the crowded channels :) )
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Elenco includes a "wireless code transmitter/morse code transmitter" experiment in some of it's larger lab kits (MX-906, MX-907, MX-908, MX-909) that transmits on the broadcast AM band but jealously guards the schematic from publication.

Home page: Elenco&#174 Electronics Inc. - Educational Toys, Test Equipment and More
Manuals page: **broken link removed**

Ramsey Electronics has two AM transmitter kits, the AM1 (varactor tuned) and the AM25 (frequency synthesized) which both have an audio input jack so you could use any code practice oscillator as the input. They make a kit for that too, the CPO3. Like Elenco, they don't publish their schematics.

**broken link removed**
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