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Eagle Pro 6.2.0 Gerber file types?

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When i gerber a PCB, i have to state the name of the file that i want the gerber file to save as
-eg for top copper file, i would call it "top copper.cmp"
-eg for bottom copper, i would call it "bottom copper.sol"
-But do i have to use the .cmp and .sol endings?
-can i just call the file "top copper"?

Normally the first part of the name would be the PCB name and the extension denotes which layer it is. If you load one of the default CAM jobs and run them on a PCB you will see the standard format. The extensions in Eagle can be a bit confusing so you might want to change them to something more to your liking.


Thanks, are there any limits to what extension characters i should use?
What if i dont use an extension?
To be honest, i would never use the board name in the gerber files, because i put the gerber files in a folder which has the boards name on it.
I think that gerber file names like just "top copper", "top silk" are all thats needed for gerber files. -certainly much simpler, -am i wrong?

As long as you tell the PCB manufacturer what all the layers are, I cannot see that it should matter what they are called. The file name identifying the PCB and the extension identifying the layer is normal though, I believe. I have seen some board houses use something like "PCBnameRevA-L1.gbr", "PCBnameRevA-L16.gbr" etc. as the naming convention.


I just gerber'd a PCB and used no extension for the file names......does this mean the board house will not be able to use it? looks ok on viewmate

They should be able to use any file valid Gerber file although they may choose to edit the file name and extension for their convenience.


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