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dV/dt rating of offline 600V Bootstrap IC?

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Jun 13, 2021
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We are trying to find a verison of NCP5181 which has dV/dt of 100V/ns or more.
But you cant search this term on Digikey etc.
Also, even the manufac sites dont list it for search discrimination.
How do you find them?
Just spent the afternoon clicking through digikey and mouser but all were only 50V/ns.

Bootstrap driver the above is only 50v/ns, and doesnt even give it on the first page of datasheet, even though its the most important parameter for the IC.
--- Updated ---

This ones 200v/ns but is only having 8v fet gate drive voltage, and is said to only be for GaN.
--- Updated ---

This one is 200V/ns, but has two channels (we only need one for 2 tran forward), and its expensive $3
--- Updated ---

This one is 200V/ns, but has two channels (we only need one for 2 tran forward), and its expensive $3
--- Updated ---

This one is only 50v/ns but promises immunity to significant negative voltages on the VS pin

No 100V/ns parts in this sector?
--- Updated ---

The 2ED2109 only has 50v/ns but promises neg voltage immunity of -100v on the Vs pin
.......thats actually better than a higher V/ns rating....but was not a searchable term on any search_engine...not even the infineons own search engine.
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25-50V/ns is what "general" gate driver chips are limited to. Anything higher is probably going to be new technology and processes, and higher cost. Not sure you'll find anything if $3 USD is too expensive (in small quantities, anyways).
I don't completely understand your selection criterion. You are asking about bootstrap drivers but mostly listing isolated drivers.
Why not use standard single channel isolated drivers with 100 V/ns capability (e.g. STGAP2, UCC53x0) and combine it with bootstrap supply? Problem is however, if you actually expect 100 V/ns you probably get also undershoot of switching node that threatens your bootstrap circuit.
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