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[SOLVED] Dual Ethernet and Fiber with Stm32 MPU?

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Apr 27, 2021
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Hi dear all,
I'm looking for dual ethernet examples to implement with my stm32mp157d MPU , but I couldn't find anything on the internet.
I've seen that there is no STM32 with dual ethernet interface but i want to add dual ethernet and fiber ports to my stm32mp157d but i can not find any references .
So I look among the 3-port or 4 ports switches like (LAN9313,KSZ8863,KSZ8765 ….. etc) but unfortunately I cannot find any reference design by ST. Also, I cannot find any switch chip available in the market due to the long delays.Maybe I could go with some serial ethernet module using SPI or UART ?
Speed isn't a requirement in my application, of course it would have been better to directly implement the TCP stack on the MCU using the ST libs, to have access to the code.
Any ideas/examples links about how I could implement two ethernet ports(RJ45)(10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX support) and 2 fiber ethernet (100BASE-FX support via external fiber transceiver) ?



Do you want duale ethernet in parallel. Or only one or the other.

For switching: there are ethernt modules using the MII interface. Maybe even compatible.
Also there are STM32xx microcontrollers providing the MII interface.

UART and SPI is always a possible way to go. But much slower than MII.

Thank you for replying
I actually want to communicate through multiple ethernet ports using single STM32MP1. It seems STM32MP1 can support only one ethernet interface. Is there any way I can extend the MPU to support multiple ethernet ports and fiber ports

You'll usually connect a switch with RMII interface to STM32, as long as you don't need multiple separated network interfaces.
I want to connect two ethernet port(RJ45) with RMI interface but my STM32MP1 seems that it can only connect with one ethernet port (without using any swhich) ,
May you recommend any swhich with at least 4 ports and fiber support

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