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Dual Active Bridge operation and modulation question

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Jan 16, 2023
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I'm looking into a bidirectional converter design for charging a battery bank when a mains connection is available, and operating as an inverter when mains is not available.

The design is similar to the following picture:

The operation in Direction 1 (as a battery charger) is clear to me:
1. "Load" is replaced with the mains connection.
2. "LC Filter" and "Single Phase Inverter" operate as a Boost PFC, generating a DC voltage (let's say 380V).
3. DAB operates to transfer power from the ~380V to the battery using a number of modulation options (phase shift modulation for example).

Direction 2 (as an inverter) is where I am struggling. Most of the DAB papers I have read imply that the DAB is used to transfer power from one source to another, which render pretty plots like the following:

but in this case, I need to actually generate the high voltage side starting at 0V.
1. Is there a special modulating scheme for doing this?
2. In Direction 2, is the output voltage limited by the input voltage * the turns ratio of the transformer? Or can it operate as a boost using the leakage inductor?
3. Assuming it can operate as a boost to output ~380V, is it then acceptable to switch to a normal modulate scheme (phase shift or triangle)?

Any advice is much appreciated.

I found some issues with my spice circuit that were causing me to ask these questions. I believe I have rectified the issues and have it running (see attached). This simulation also gradually increases the DC of the gate driver signals, which reduces the initial currents in the circuit.

I know this isn't perfect, but it's start at least. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know.


  • DAB - Ideal Switches - LV to
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