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DSP implementation of OFDM

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May 26, 2005
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We have simulated OFDM based transmitter, channel and receiver in matlab. Now we want to use two TI C6713 Dsp boards , one to act as a transmitter and the other as a receiver. The problems we face are
1)the conversion of the matlab code to C for code composer studio...(Do we have to do it manually or is there some tool available)
2) The link between the two dsp boards. We have to connect the two Dsp boards, How do we do that. Ideally there should have been a wirelsess link but i dont think so we have enought time for that and now we have about 45 days left...So is there a serial link we have to use or what?
We really need alot of help in our project. Any feedback from u guys will be appreciated. How to go about our project now?????????

1) there is a matlab ->C converter utility in MAtlab. I guess you can use it for conversion.


The conversion utility is not effective, Try converting the m-file to c manually, and for maximum efficeincy you should follow some rules provided by the c optimizer of code composer studio.


Thanks for the advice. There is this one more question of linking the two boards. How do we do that and what do we need to study for that?

to connect the two boards, you can use the sound card of the boards and connect them with a simple wire.


Using the data transfer between two cards would require much control mechanism inclusding DMA or mem copies and proper buffer allocation techniques, which would be quite complex and cumbersome;

If all you are intrested is to test the transmitter and receiver in a half duplex mode; why dont you integrate the transmitter and receiver on a single dsp card.

wherein you can execute teh transmitter for a frame and then generate the frame data, later the receiver can be initiated to decode the frame.

To compile and download the code, u can use the ccslink in matlab. more help on the same is avalaible in matlab help files; I believe if you have CCS and matlab installed there is a automation demo script which tests the matlab abd CCS interface.


I think you have simulated this one in Simulink, if so you can generate the c code directly from simulink using the RTW "real time workshop", be selecting the simulation mode to be "Accelerator" not "Normal".
You'll have at the root a new created folder containig the c-code of your model and the supported libraries and all needed DLLs.
Then you shall open the CCS to convert this code into the TIs assembly.
IF you have just used m-files" written your own code" then you can use the MatLAB compiler machine to convert your m-file to c-code

Added after 3 minutes:

For thw wireless link to be connected you must first make sure that your baseban model is already running.
You may connect it wired-at first- and if it worked then you shall try to connect the RF transcivers and the wireless link
i do have a question what have you done concering the frequencies-i mean frequency mapping and adjustement of the frequencies- and the channel estimation modules??

syedahmar said:
We have simulated OFDM based transmitter, channel and receiver in matlab.

Need to simulate a wireless channel with an M-ary QAM scheme for frames/audio or both. The suggested architechute is as follows

Data - Modulation - FEC coding - filter - istropic antenna - Channel+Noise - antenna - filter - FEC decoding - Demodulation - Dataout.

M>32 for QAM
BW ~ 6Mhz

If anybody has already simulated such a channel or a similar channel in Matlab, could you pls upload or forward ( ur code pls, it would be a great help.


i have the same question
i'm trying to design full-duplex ofdm transceiver

is it just connect first dsk's line-out to second dsk's line-in and connect second dsk's line-out to first dsk's line-in ?

isn't there any addition-setting ?

@ post13
can u help me simulating ofdm in any of the fpga tool(system generator ,acceldsp etc)

hi syedahmar,

would you please send me the matlab code of your simulation, this will be a great favor from you.


can some one provide me with the correct matlab code? for transmitter and reciever in ofdm...very important ..and its urgent..pls help

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