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DS33 Programming Troubles, NVMCON post-POR, MCLR management

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Jun 25, 2009
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clock out contents of visi register

I've been working on a programmer for the dspic33\24-series and I'm on the final stage.

I have all the binary files setup to write to the chip, disassembling the microchip firmware and I'm using python to send these over the serial port. And a BS2 for MCLR maintaining. I just had a couple of questions about the process.

For anybody knowledgeable, what would the "POR" be? Is this just the entrance to ICSP? It seems strange that the ICSP mode is entered by putting in a sequence into NVMCON, when it says that you can only mess with NVMCON while POR...

You set write-enable on the NVMCON, yet I need to do a bulk erase off the bat. Should I write in another entrance to ICSP? Can I let it idle out like the ds30 guide said?

Anybody know the time between erasing and ending up in reset vector to write config settings?

Any information would be appreciated. :)

So at the site in my sig, I have the binary files for each step of programming taken from the programming manual. The only main difference is that there is an offset for where the code starts getting written to 0x816.

Writing a python script for timing. It hangs until MCLR is hit high for 500us by a BASIC Stamp 2, then as it gets an input from the stamp, the code starts up, while the BASIC keeps 5v on MCLR.

Is there anything else I would need in a programmer?

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