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May 17, 2001
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yagimax 3.11


Name modified Size Description
00index 20-Aug-2001 12:45 3k
13-double-quad.jpg 14-Sep-2001 11:11 159k
13cm/ 19-Jul-2001 00:28 -
13cm2lambda-slot.txt 02-Sep-2001 04:02 1k
17el-tonna.txt 02-Sep-2001 04:02 1k
2-70vert.txt 23-Jul-2001 22:57 5k Simple dual band 2m/70cm antenna the vk4xt way.
23cm-flatplate.txt 02-Sep-2001 04:02 3k
23cm65el-loop.txt 02-Sep-2001 04:02 3k
23cm6el-yagi.txt 02-Sep-2001 04:02 1k
2m-full_dipole.txt 02-Sep-2001 04:02 2k
2m-slimjim.txt 02-Sep-2001 04:02 1k
2m4el-quad.txt 02-Sep-2001 04:02 4k
40mbeam.zip 20-Jan-1994 00:00 7k Instructions to build a beam for 40 m band - K5DKZ
6m-yagi.txt 02-Sep-2001 04:02 3k
70cm-bowtie.txt 02-Sep-2001 04:02 3k
70cm22el-yagi.txt 02-Sep-2001 04:02 5k
70cm8el-yagi.txt 02-Sep-2001 04:02 1k
NEC/ 07-May-2001 22:10 - Numerical Electromagnetic Code & Utilities>
ac.zip 03-May-1998 06:00 15k 1296 Feed Horn Antenna (WA5VJB)
ad.zip 03-May-1998 06:00 30k 45 Ele Loop Yagi (WB5LUA)
adaptive.pdf 04-Oct-1999 10:46 139k Adaptive antenna for GSM
ah.zip 03-May-1998 06:00 120k Deep Dish Feed Horns VE4MA (DUBUS 4-89)
an.zip 03-May-1998 06:00 118k Twin Quads 70cm And 23cm
antdl6wu.zip 28-Dec-1993 00:00 19k Yagi Design for 50 MHz and up - WA2TIF, K1DPP, W1JOT
antenna.zip 14-Oct-1990 00:00 132k UHF/SHF Antenna design
antennas.zip 02-Jul-1994 00:00 85k A Compact Hybrid Antenna For 2, 432, And 23cm
antfo.zip 28-Dec-1993 00:00 17k Yagi Design program for 144 MHz and up - WA2TIF
antmaker.zip 11-May-1996 00:00 286k Antenna Maker v6.0 for common antennas - KM6HG
ao.zip 03-May-1998 06:00 165k Dl6wu Yagi For 23cm (DUBUS 2-94)
ariel30.zip 17-Jul-1996 00:00 27k HF wire antenna & transmission line design v3.0 - WB4YZA>
as.zip 03-May-1998 06:00 493k A Compact Hybrid Antenna For 2, 432, And 23cm
asa11.zip 28-Feb-1994 00:00 205k Antenna system Analysis v1.1 for Windows
at.zip 03-May-1998 06:00 91k A Long Yagi Antenna (DL3WR)
azprj104.zip 18-Jan-1997 00:00 1.1M Drawing azimuthal equidistant projections on earth NA3T
bazooka.zip 06-May-1997 00:00 11k Calculate a double bazooka antenna - Win3x/Win95 - W4BEJ
bent_dipole.txt 02-Sep-2001 04:02 2k
bier_ant.zip 24-Jan-1999 20:41 178k beercan antenna
c34.zip 31-Jul-1998 06:00 146k Deep dish feed horns
c4.zip 31-Jul-1998 06:00 220k A Quick Antenna For 1296 ( Horizons 11-62)
c56.zip 31-Jul-1998 06:00 162k Microwave Antenna
c7.zip 31-Jul-1998 06:00 41k 4 Foot Dish For 1296 ( Horizons 7-63)
discone/ 03-Feb-2000 00:00 -
discone1.zip 06-Jan-1994 00:00 6k Discone Antenna Design - K5DKZ
dl6wu/ 27-Jun-2001 13:10 - designs according to DL6WU
drhmb.zip 31-Dec-1997 07:00 56k Dual Rhombic Revisited (QST 3-97)
dualant.gif 17-Jun-2000 18:01 11k VHF/UHF vertical by ON1DHT
elnecdem.exe 16-Apr-1996 00:00 313k ELNEC Antenna Design (Demo version) - W7EL
fietswiel.gif 05-Aug-2001 00:14 12k
hbp.zip 31-Dec-1997 07:00 363k Home Built Parabolic Reflector (QST 4-61)
helical.zip 22-Jan-1996 00:00 55k Helical Antenna Design for Windows - N2VNO
helix-20.zip 27-Jan-1993 00:00 31k Helix antenna design - OH0NC
jpole.gif 17-Jun-2000 18:00 11k VHF/UHF J-antenna by ON1DHT
logyag16.zip 27-Jan-1993 00:00 31k Yagi antenna with Log-Cell feeding design - OH0NC
lpcad23.zip 21-Feb-1997 00:00 65k Log-Periodic Antenna Design v2.30 - WB0DGF
lpda.zip 18-Jun-1993 00:00 7k Excel sheet to design Log-Periodic Dipole Arrays - OH3FG
lytt.zip 31-Dec-1997 07:00 34k Loop Yagi for 13cm
mast.zip 30-Apr-1993 00:00 33k Calculate mast dimensions needed v1.0beta - KD4NUE
miniloop.zip 23-Nov-1992 00:00 9k Miniloop 1.1 - Small signle turn antenna design - WB4YZA
mloop31.zip 29-Mar-1997 00:00 391k Magnetic Loop Antenna design v3.1 - DK1NB
n4weval.zip 30-Apr-1997 00:00 408k NEC4WIN Mininec for Windows (Evaluation) - VE3GMI
nec4pc.zip 22-Jan-1995 00:00 403k NEC2 w/32 bit reals (MS Fortran for Powerstations) SM5IUF
neptune.txt 02-Sep-2001 04:02 3k
patch-faq_deutsch.zip 08-Dec-2001 10:33 7k
patch.zip 29-Nov-1995 00:00 63k 'patch' microstrip antenna design v1.52 - WB0DGF
patch16.zip 14-Jun-1996 00:00 53k 'patch' microstrip antenna design v1.62 - WB0DGF
patcherr.zip 11-Jan-2002 23:06 797k
pdsh.zip 24-Mar-1998 07:00 62k A Parabolic Dish Feed (QST 1-83)
quad70cm8el.zip 09-Feb-2000 00:00 83k
qy4.zip 16-Oct-1997 00:00 228k Quickyagi v4.0 - WA7RAI
rhom112.exe 26-Mar-1996 00:00 120k Rhombic Antenna Design (DOS) v1.12 - WN1Z
sbfa_23-13-9.pdf 13-Sep-2001 12:34 359k 23cm & 13 cm short backfire antenna designs>
sbfa_23-13.zip 23-Jun-2001 15:45 18k 23cm & 13 cm short backfire antenna designs>>
shbckf-1.jpg 25-Jun-2001 17:42 290k 23cm short backfire antenna by DC0MT
shbckf-2.jpg 25-Jun-2001 17:43 262k 23cm short backfire antenna by DC0MT
shbckf-3.jpg 25-Jun-2001 17:44 404k 23cm short backfire antenna by DC0MT
shbckfrh.jpg 25-Jun-2001 17:46 395k
slimjim.doc 29-Oct-1998 00:00 178k
stress.arc 28-Jan-1990 00:00 15k Mechanical design for antennas
thex.zip 31-Dec-1997 07:00 170k Quad Helix Antenna (QST 8-63)
tl.zip 24-Jan-1996 00:00 50k TL Transmission Line Calculations v3.09 - N6BV
tna.zip 31-Dec-1997 07:00 186k 1296 Antenna (QST 6-69)
tnqu.zip 24-Mar-1998 07:00 317k
trap01.zip 06-Jan-1994 00:00 5k 40/80m trap dipole construction - K5DKZ
uhf4el.gif 17-Jun-2000 18:00 20k 70cm 4-el long yagi by ON1DHT
uhf6el.gif 17-Jun-2000 18:00 26k 70cm 6-el yagi by ON1DHT
vhf69ant.gif 17-Jun-2000 18:00 29k 2m 6/9-el yagi by ON1DHT
wndipole.zip 21-Jul-1994 00:00 4k Dipole calculations for Windows - N4PVU
wrhom204.exe 20-Dec-1995 00:00 143k Rhombic Antenna Design v2.04 for Windows - WN1Z
yagim311.zip 17-May-1992 00:00 677k Yagimax 3.11
yagiu109.zip 19-Jul-1995 00:00 1002k Yagi Antenna Analysis and Optimisation (w/full docs) - G8WRB
yagiu112.txt 10-May-1996 00:00 1k
yagiu112.zip 10-May-1996 00:00 751k Yagi Antenna Analysis and Optimisation - G8WRB
ytad.zip 25-Aug-1995 00:00 79k 45 Ele Loop Yagi (WB5LUA)

1. h**p://sharon.esrac.ele.tue.nl/pub/antenne/NEC/
2. h**p://www.funet.fi/pub/ham/antenna/

* -> t


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