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doubt about ground effect on pringted meanderline antenna

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Feb 21, 2008
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Anyone can give me some papers or links on the effect of ground size affect the printed meander-line antenna? (example 2.4G Bluetooth or WLAN meanderline antenna)

thanks very much

I have simulated the effect of the ground plane. for rectangular patch antenna. It has been found that if the ground plane and the patch is made of equal size then both the ground plane and the patch starts radiating. This may be due to identical structure of the patch and the ground. It has been also found that if the size of the ground is decreased further the resonant frequency of the antenna increases. And if the ground size is increased the resonant frequency decreases to a certain extent, after that it remains constant. If the size of the ground is larger then only the patch radiates. If the the patch is larger , then only the ground radiates. You may find yourself why this happens.
Hi,kgec I got the same result use ADS momentum,
So, I want to find some papers which can explain in theory.
Thanks for your help

I don't have any papers on this. BTW most of the theory for microstrip technology is empirical. You can't rely on them for your research work. The fact that very less research work has been done on the ground plane for changing the parameters of the antenna, probability of getting good theory for ground plane is less. So chances of getting good paper for the study on effect of ground plane size is very very less.

Added after 19 minutes:

If you come to know about any such theory or paper pls inform me. I will try to get hold on it. I am using Ansoft Desiner 2.2 . My project guide has asked me to study the effect of the ground plane size. One more thing that i should have mentioned in my first post is that if you cut any slot on the ground plane the behavior of the antenna will b completely different. If you place the ground plane asymmetrically then also the result will differ. I have seen that when i placed the patch of my antenna asymmetrically the resonant frequency decreased.

yeah, the ground size will affect the antenna.
On phone platform, the antenna companys usually direct tuning the antenna which fit the real environment

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