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does anyone have any experience with medical sensors?

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Apr 21, 2010
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I've been asked to quote for work on a sensor control card for medical sensors
(BP temp etc) A field I have no prior experience in. The controler will be no problem
and I assume I need aa bit of math for some things - but its the sensors themselves
I can find no information on.

Various companies supply them as replacements for existing kit but unsuprisingly
dont provide interface information.

Part of the job involves sourcing actual sensors to interface to my control card
but I have no idea how these things usually interface.

Do they have a standard bus type interface (most have plugs with multiple pins)
or are they generally just dumb items?

Any information or practical links would be very welcome.

I don't really know a lot about the sensors, but be very careful about liability issues here. If your card fails and somebody dies, you could be in BIG trouble. Do you have professional insurance? You might want to talk to a lawyer (or barrister, or whatever you call them over there).

Thank you for the concern Barry but thats all pretty much a given.
It's info on the sensors I really need.

I know you can definitely by medical grade pressure and temperature sensors (just raw analog outputs). A google search on 'blood pressure sensors' turned up a bunch of stuff. Not really sure that there's a standard 'medical' bus, per se. There are so many different applications-in vivo; cuff-type, etc.

Thank you Barry -I have done the basic research on yahoo.
I'm looking for someone with experience in the field.

As for me,In general sensors will give either current or voltage output,If it is current output u need convert it to voltage form and then pass it to ADC thru relevant signal conditioning circuit.Select the ADC output interface based on the controller support.

sorry perhaps I should be more precise: Which models from which manufacturers provide what signals and require what power.
Which ones provide integral protection such as ESD and so on. I'm looking for specific information not general.

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