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DIY interactive electronic board for Triomino game


Sep 23, 2023
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Hello everyone,

I am new on the forum. I am a DIY enthusiast with a passion for 3D printing and laser cutting/engraving.
I also love 3D design on Fusion 360.

I am starting to become passionate about electronic projects such as Arduino / robotics / electronic games.

I started designing/manufacturing an electronic interactive board for the Triomino game.

My idea is to design a board on which players can place the pieces without them moving.

The pieces of the game must each be equipped with a mini electronic card in which I store the numbers of the piece.

The board and peaces will be magnetized, the pieces will so be placed correctly and don't move.

Each peace will have copper connectors for quick connection like some watch chargers.

When the player places the piece on the board, the motherboard receives the information and notes the total score of the pieces on the display and if there are score bonus to add (bridge, hexagon).

Also, if the player places the piece in a wrong location, a beep indicates this.

I have a clear idea in my head of how electronic circuits should be designed, but I don't know how to do it because I really have basic knowledges on electronics/PCB.

I can do the design on Fusion 360 and share it with you to better understand the project.

Would it be great if any members want to join me in this project? profiles in electronics and Arduino programming, other?

For my part, I will realize the 3D design on Fusion 360. The manufacturing of the prototype board with my laser machine. Manufacturing Triomino parts with my 3D printer.

Thank you in advance and see you soon.


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