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Different ccd camera dvr device fault

Gaber Mohamed Boraey

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Feb 26, 2015
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Hello everyone
I have faulty dvr “ digital video recorder” and streaming video also
The problem that the device not booting, the status led not blinking right, I mean it should blinking green then light green stable, now only red light which I think is booting problem issue
The firmware maybe damaged, but for now let’s assume it’s ok
I’ve found this ram of faulty MT48LC32M16A2P-75C
Two of them, I’ve replaced with one from laptop sdram and same problem, I’ve searched online and found that it’s available on aliexpress, we will order and replace
I’ve checked all the voltage test points on board after taking this ram ic out and everything ok
My question, the laptop sdram chip I’ve replaced , is it ok to work as equivalent chip ?, or it’s a must same number like original?
I’ll add photos I have for this job tomorrow for you have better vision and more understanding of the device
It’s x ray machine dvr by the way, receive photo from machine and display on monitors via vga cable , one for stream video and one for capturing video, both not working, as I’ve mentioned before, I think it’s booting issue
Nothing is hot after removing the ram chip by the way when powering the device , every chip normal
All voltages are ok as mentioned on board
Is it really this ram chip cause that problem?, how you think?, I’ll add the pet number of the laptop ram I’ve tried for you , so you can have an idea about if it’s possible to be equivalent or not
Thanks for now
I’ll add more tomorrow
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morning everybody
here is the laptop ram we have tried to replace with device ram, please look and let me know if it can be a replace , equivalent number and ram or no?
I've attached the datasheet for original ram, part number for both ram, device indication leds " power and status " , and information

any help will be appreciated
thanks in advance


  • IMG_20230507_141816.jpg
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  • 48LC32M16A2_75.pdf
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  • IMG_20230530_113611_1.jpg
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