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Difference between Computer speakers, multimedia speakers, Bluetooth speakers ?

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Oct 11, 2010
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How they are related with Home Theater speakers ??

computer speakers: tinny sounding junk
multimedia speakers: pricey less tinny sounding junk
bluetooth speakers: very pricey tinny-to-overly thummpy sounding junk
home theater speakers: over priced 5+1 channel junk.


Basically the price keeps going up from the computer->home theater but the quality of the sound doesn't increase nearly as fast.

Technically there isn't anything inherently different between any of the speakers besides the extra features: bluetooth - wireless, and home theater - multiple speakers, besides that they are all still just speakers....

Coil, crossover, cones, tuned enclosures.

There are speakers that plug directly into the headphone jack. Slightly louder than built-in speakers. The plug is easy to break if you're not careful.

There are speakers that draw power from the USB jack. Shaped like cubes about 2 inches on a side. A major step up in quality and volume compared to built-in laptop speakers. Can be heard in a noisy room. Easily portable.

Desktop speakers vary in quality. Some have bass (or treble) boost switch. Mine have a separate power supply. They switch themselves off 15 seconds after playback ends, making a loud click.

I paid $24.99CAN for my Sylvania 2.1 speaker system used for my pc and TV. It sounds pretty good and can be loud enough to deafen me when I am in its room and it is loud. Its distortion cannot be heard and it produces frequencies smoothly from about 30Hz to about 20kHz (I measured it).

It has two satellite speakers each with two 1.5" midrange/tweeters and each has what looks like a 0.75" soft-dome ultra-tweeter but it is actually a vent. It has one 5" ported sub-woofer that is really just a woofer. The woofer cone is very long throw and is actually a drone-cone fed from a smaller speaker inside.

It is rated at 150W peak or 75W RMS! Inside it has a small power transformer labelled 9VAC/1.1A (9.9W).
Its amplifiers are two 16 pins DIL ICs with a small heatsink glued on.
One IC is probably a stereo amplifier feeding 1.5W to 2.0W real Watts to each 4 ohm satellite speaker.
The other IC is probably bridged and feeds 4.0W to 5.0W real Watts to the 6 ohm sub-woofer.
So the total output power is 5.5W to 7W.

Its woofer stopped working and I needed to re-solder every solder joint on its pcb to fix it. The original soldering looked fine.


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