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Designing with ADI dsp without ICE

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Nov 7, 2001
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design with ADI dsp

must bye ICE?


I've AD2191M. It can boot from FLASH or SPI EEPROM. So
you just need to program 24xx EEPROM

ADSP Debug

I don't have debugger/emulator hardware.
I use serial port for debug for microprocessors in general. I
send register contents and some special bytes in code from
serial port and I write my PC side program to display registers
flags etc. But off course I can not set breakpoints, display
RAM contents without making them in code...

Is there a "do it yourself" debugger project for ADSP?[/code]

I'm using ADSP-2189N, connected to host controller by IDMA port. In this solution I can read/write any address of DSP memory, by DMA transmission. Also i can read memory mapped registers.

If you have enough money, i think you should buy ICE, you will be received development tools of Analog Devives. I like it but i can't. Bye.

I am in 21065L. It can boot from parallel EPROM. For a lot of problems during development the simulator is sufficent. But the weird stuff is hard to cope with without ICE. Unfortunately there are too few pins free in my application so no display can be connected for some info feedback of variables or actual states of registers. So guessing why it's terribly not working is almost an art.

I once heard of Motorola DSP that for JTAG interfacing it was possible to take two normal development boards. One was running via RS232 connected to PC as JTAG interface and is the master on JTAG. The second board was running the application. It was possible to boot the second board through JTAG with the first board an full debug possibilities were available.

Does anyone know a similar info an ADSP???


Not open for further replies.

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