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design of flash adc(refrence generation)

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Aug 19, 2007
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i m working on flash adc..........i m using fully differentail topology. i m using sample and hold circuit. my input range is .6 tp - .6(1.2v p to p) nd 3.3v supply. At the o/p of sample nd hold this signal is biased at dc level 1.6v. this o/p goes to diff amplifier where it will be compared with refrence voltage. My question is how to bias the refrence voltage at that particular level. Is there some other tefchnique??

reference voltage is generated by using bandgap reference which are stable voltage sources with respect to variation in temperature... so we implement a resistive ladder and take the required voltage values from that....

i was unable to explain my point. I m using fully diffrential topology.
my i/p range is -.6 to +.6 . after passing through s/h the samw signal will be biased at common mode voltage (1.6v).so vout+ and vout- frm s/h will have variation on 1.6v bias. This will be given to difference amplifier where it will be compared with vref+ and some how for correct comparision i hav to bias refrence at 1.6v also otherwise comparision is not actually wht is the way??

the way is to generate a voltage source for 1.6V which is stable against temperature variations... this voltage source is called bandgap reference and search for topics on this and you will understand what i'm saying....

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