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Design of a flyback SMPS - module

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Mar 7, 2002
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flyback smps design

I need to design a smps module with this requirements:

Vout : 1V - 60V
Iout: 2A

Voltage must be isolated - Viso =1 KV

The supply voltage is not specified at this time.
At the end i will use 5 smps - modules to get 5 independent adjustable voltage in a range fom 1V to 60V.

generally for smps modules with variable duty cycle a tl494 is used.
i like to use a mcu because the smps must generate a voltage ramp or a programable voltage.

have someone a recommadation?

first it is necessary to decide into which range supply voltage for the SMPS modules lies. An intermediate tension of 70V has the advantage that perhaps kind of ferrite transducer with a 1:1 ratio is applicable. a supply of 230V AC reduces construction unit-costs conditionally however the employment of a customized transducer is needed. The problem are furthermore my transducers - TDK offers suitable achievement transducers on - in Germany are available these however only over Digikey. Someone knows a source of supply/companies for transducers ?

How and in which order should I proceed with the Design of a smps modules?

1: Decision of architecture? (Flyback)

2. Selection of the transducer?
by its parameters the heading for frequency is fixed.

3. Draft of the Mosfetdriver - control over opto coupler

4. control the opto coupler with the MCU

5. Protection circuit insert (over-current protection...)

each recommendation/reference is welcome.

Thank you

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