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Dell E773S CRT Monitor Ticking Noise \ Power Light Flashing

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Nov 8, 2022
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Hi all, I have a Dell E773S CRT Monitor from Dec. 2004 that I picked up from an electronics recycler.

I've been noticing a clicking / ticking noise when the monitor is off and plugged in. It's a loud repeated 'click-click-click' and occasionally the power light flashes on and off. Sometimes it's a slower tick.

Video here:

This usually doesn't happen when the monitor is on and the picture is fine. When I turn off and unplug the monitor the clicking eventually goes away. Once it happened while I was using the monitor, the picture went blank and the ticking started. Otherwise, there's no picture degradation or noise and I've been able to use it for >2 hours.

I've already used some compressed air against the vents and cleaned the chassis, but haven't yet opened up the monitor.

How concerned should I be? Thanks


It surely is not normal.

My first idea: old electrolytics capacitors need to be replaced.


Indded, it sounds like the PSU is unable to handle normal load and is in a cycle of starting up, detecting overload and shutting down again. If the picture is normal when present it suggests the load of the circuitry is correct and it's lack of available 'push' from the power supply that is causing the problem. As electrolytic capacitors tend to lose value as they age and the ones in the PSU are under greatest strain, they would as Klaus suggests be good place to start looking.


I appreciate the responses and explanation. It being the PSU lines up with only noticing this problem when plugged in.

I've looked up service manuals and instructions on how to open up the E773S monitor. I have no experience opening CRTs and it seems this particular model is tough to open, aside from the usual dangers.

As this issue happens infrequently, and there is no picture degradation, I'm curious if there are any consequences to just continue using it as it is, and leaving it unplugged when not in use. Or if there are other precautions I could take, like using a surge protector. Opening and replacing the capacitors feels like a last resort.

This has certainly been a learning experience, thank you.

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