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DataSheets for TDA5660P & TDA5664 by Siemens

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Mar 29, 2003
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siemens saw filters


I didn't find much information, only one pdf that don't have all the info.

Anything you may have will be great



They r UHF-VHF tv modulator IC's. U can get more information about them in old elektor issues. Let me know ur exact idea then i might able to guide u.


Here is a website from where u cam download datasheet.

professional tv modulator


I'm building a TV transmitter using the mention modulators for my final engineering project .

I have the datasheet from , but it isn't complete, there are many issues unanswered .

I'm looking for detail information regarding the Chip .

Thanks in advance

vestigial sideband project

TDA5660 is very old TV Modulator IC and also 5664.
Instead of this you can use TDA8722T or TDA8822T of Philips ( I recommend) or TDA6060X of Infineon. But for those it should be written a software to control I2C bus . But it's not very complicated.

TDA5660 is a little bit problem device due to temperature drift of FM sound modulation and video modulation is not better than the newest models.

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Good Luck

transmitter with tda 5660

Hi BigBoss,

I'm trying to avoid using a Chip with a control I2C bus, my project is big as it is right now .

I also need to build a VSB filter , Power Amp and SWR consideration , that's the the reason an I2C is not an option .

SWR matching

semens saw filters

Ok I see ,

But you can download I2C bus control program from Philips's website ( I remember because I have done a commercial project once upon a time)
and controlling the IC is not very difficult.

With this program , it's possible to control a IC from a parallel port of a computer. Thats very easy.

For VSB filter , you have to go directly S+M nothing else. In fact Sawtek produces some VSB SAW filter but ver very expensive.

How many power you need ? Essentially , you can find lots of application reports in Philips's website about TV transponders.

Good Luck

zachi said:
Hi BigBoss,

I'm trying to avoid using a Chip with a control I2C bus, my project is big as it is right now .

I also need to build a VSB filter , Power Amp and SWR consideration , that's the the reason an I2C is not an option .

SWR matching

siemens chroma m

thanks, I need about 30dBm .


As to the VSB filter you can regard VSB SAW filters from Siemens. They are small and low cost for M standard.
This filter exhibits -30dBc rejection for 3rd IMD and the chroma-luminance delay is about 100nsec. This specs are not that good for a professional TV modulator, but maybe they don't imapact to much your project.


tda5660 schematic


can you direct me to a link regarding the VSB Filter ?


modulátor s tda5660


/ File deleted. Warning#2 - Don't upload file when palesha have already posted the link for download! /
Download here instead:
**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**

tda5660 pdf

i can see that this integrated circuit is similar to the tda5660,

but i didn't see any implementation of a vsb filter...

i need a VSB Filter for a video signal modulated with the tda5660 .
the video carrier is at 203 MHz and the sound carrier is located after
5.5 MHz .

can you please advise me ?


First u have to make 38.75 Mhz video carrier modulator with TDA 5660/4. Then use the saw filter from siemens of the above specs. Then use mixer circuit with oscillator for upgrading the modulator from 38.75 to ur required frequency. Further just amplify and use simple narrow band filters for the required bandwidth. But for all this u need spectrum anlyser or sweep generator to tune the filters. Hope this will help u to understand. This way the commercial modulators r made.

wwww i m d

I don't think you are going to find VSB SAW filters to be used at VHF or UHF frequencies.
The VSB SAW filters for TV are manufactured only for IF frequency that are standard for each channel format.
The normal procedure to design a TV Modulator is first to modulate an IF signal with the video to be transmitted, then the IF is filtered using a SAW filter to conform the vestigial side band and last the modulated IF should be converted to the desired channel.
Anyway if you want to design a VSB filter at UHF or VHF frequencies you will have to do it by yourself using discrete LC components. But be aware that is a difficult design.


tda5660 datasheet

i figured that the saw filters were for IF Frequency when i started looking for such a filter and realized that their central frequency is about 40MHz.

as for designing my own filter, well i am currently trying that.
i planned a 2*4 order Chebyshev Band pass filter to meet my demands,
but according to my calculations at 200MHz and 7MHz BW ,the capacitance and inductance sizes are very very small (10^-18...)

is there a non-saw VSB Filter for a non intermediate frequency ?

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