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Data transmission between two PCs through Network

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Nov 3, 2018
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If two PCs are connected by serial cable having D Sub-9 connector then we can send data from one PC to the other PC provided if same Baud rate is used in Tera Term in both PCs.

Similarly, I am wondering how can we do this by Ethernet cable ?

I guess if both PCs have static IPv4 address then we can connect them through Telnet in Tera Term, and can send data from one PC to the other, right ?

The question is that most Windows PCs are connected to the Network through automatic IP address. Is that OK to change the automatic to static IP address ?

Secondly, please recommend a freely downloadable packet sender and receiver software which can also monitor the Network traffic.

Yes, you can connect two computers through a serial port; THAT'S WHAT IT'S FOR!

You can definitely assign static IPs to your computers; it's done all the time. And I believe most networked PCs are NOT connected through automatic IP.

I am not able to connect two PCs to Telnet through Tera Term. The result of ping is 4 packet send and received 0.

How to connect two PCs connected to wireless router through Telnet Tera Term ?



Confusing...I think you mix all: Physical cables, interfaces, protocols, software....

First you should decide
* what data you want to transmit (it's a different if you want to send an audio stream, or just some bytes coming from a keyboard)
* data rate (the ammount of bytes and/or frames per second)
* then decide which distance you want to transmit (both PCs may be placed next to each other or kilometers apart)
* .....
and after this all you may decide which interface is suitable
and what interfaces your PCs have built in.

Mind: "DSub 9" just describes a connector, but not an interface. It may be RS232, but it may also be RS485 (maybe Profibus protocol)
It may be any other interface with any other protocol...



Here are the tasks which I need to perform

1- Ping the other PC in cmd
2- Connect each of the two PC to the other through Telnet configured in Tera Term
3- Send keyboard data from one PC to the other
4- Save the received data

I have two laptops which are connected to the router through WiFi. I use ipconfig command in cmd to note IPv4 address in both laptop. I am not able to ping the other PC in cmd. Is this because of WiFi ? maybe router does not allow ping the other laptop ?

Do I need to have both laptops connected to the Network by Ethernet cable to ping each other ?

You don't need cable to ping the other computer. WIFI should work just fine. There's something else going on.

Pinging other PCs in a network should regularly work. In some cases, ping protocol may be either blocked by intelligent network switches (unlikely in your home network) or firewall software installed on the PC you try to ping. It doesn't matter if the network addresses are static or assigned by a DHCP server (the usual situation in a home or office network).

Regarding telenet communication, you can't connect two telnet clients. Need to run a telnet server on one per.

The Kenbushi package is free. For years I used the previous version (PC-Mac-Net-Fileshare), to transfer files between Macs and PC's. I've seen it work via ethernet or wifi. The network monitor identifies method of hookup, url, which modules are available in the computer for networking, etc.,_MacOS_and_Linux_2.html

To work successfully may require some experimentation. For instance the program should be opened on the second computer several seconds after it's already running on the first computer. Try various methods to discover the other computer: auto-discovery, manual url input, etc.

I found that this program worked, after I was unsuccessful at reliably networking a Mac and PC. There are so many settings which need to be exactly right (maybe passwords, maybe hub name, maybe this, maybe that). Sometimes it worked after restarting one or both machines. It's all so cryptic. The OS doesn't give verbose updates as it goes through the networking process, nor does it tell what went wrong if it failed. So I had to search for programs that perform the process automatically. It appears that modern OS's make networking go a little smoother. However when it fails, the diagnostics continue to be uninformative about where is the holdup.

I have two windows laptops connected to home WiFi. I am not able to ping the other laptop. One laptop is connected to Public network while the other is connected to Private network but the router is same, I don't understand how one laptop has Public network connection.
Firewall is turned-on on both laptops for both public and private networks. Are there some other services which I need to turn-on to ping the other laptop ?
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If you need help, then you should tell what exatctly you did..


Klaus is right - too little information at the moment.

However I would point out that if one of the laptops is on a public network, pinging it probably won't work anyway unless you know its public address. That normally comes from the service provider (ISP) and you have no control over it. If you know the public address you may have to map it to an internal network address using 'port forwarding' on your router.


One laptop is connected to Public network while the other is connected to Private network but the router is same
What does this exactly mean?

1. Both are connected to different subnets, possibly without a route between.
2. Both are connected to the same network. "Public/private" only refers to different PC connection profiles. Public profile might block ping by default.

I also don't understand that how one laptop is connected to private network and the other laptop is connected to public network but they are connected to the same home wifi router, see attachment.

What changes I need to do to ping the other laptop.


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