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Custom IEEE 802.15.4 protocol, please review

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Apr 25, 2002
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Hi, I am trying to design custom communication protocol, suited for my application and wish to discuss some details. Consider following project. There are multiple (1000 per 100m2) low power device that should every 1 minute ask some center device for data and go to sleep. Device could be moved in much larger area, assume 1km2. I would expect single zigbee network (coordinator with some router) could not handle such heavy traffic (aproximatelly 16 devices per second, plus overhead communication between routers and collisions). Also some simplier stacks like SimpliciTI will not handle many routers and end devices. My idea of protocol is close to GSM network
- there will be some number (like 10 or 16) of isolated "center" points, which will connected to server via ethernet.
- each center point use different set of channel and PANid
- each device contain list of all possible sets of channels and PANid which are used in network
- all center points send beacon, first assumption every 1-2 seconds
- when device does not detect beacons from recently used center points trys to search best center point with list and beacon rssi, and "switch" to use this center points
- device does not associate (association request/response) each time with new network, just wait for beacon and try to communicate (every minute)

My doubts are about device power requirements, does devices during searching consume much power? My expectation are device could work few days on 100mAh battery.

Or maybe for my project better solution is divide all 1000 devices for 10 (or more) independent zigbee network, and setup 10 sets of routers to cover whole area?

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