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CST MWS 2014 - Lumped Element Anomaly between Frequency and Transient Solver

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Apr 13, 2015
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Hi All

Would somebody be able to help answer the following question:

I use here a simple square loop in MWS layout window to illustrate the problem. With a port placed in a gap in loop and snapped to corners of structure, I see a imaginary impedance of ~ 180 Ohms @ 2.4 GHz. This corresponds well with a first order approximation of the loop inductance calculated by hand. The real part is ~ 0.5 Ohm using PEC (perhaps leave that for latter!). So I now add a second gap in the loop and add a lumped element comprising 0.3 pF to provide a series resonance in the loop. Using the frequency domain solution I see the phase go too ~0 degrees @ 2.4 GHz which is correct. However using the transient simulation it does not!!!

So now I change the capacitor to a 0 Ohm resistor as this should make the impedance ~ 180 Ohms again using frequency solver which it does, but in transient I get O Ohm.

My suspicion is that there is a grid problem, but I intentionally snapped to corners to avoid this problem.

So my question is does anybody understand this problem between using frequency domain solver and transient ?

Many thanks, Munchie

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