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Crumb128 (ATmega128) with Sensirionsht10

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Aug 3, 2009
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I am really desperate for help now :cry:

I have a crumb128 module with an ATmega128 processor (TinyOS 1) and a sensirion sht10 digital temperature and humidity sensor **broken link removed**

What confuses me is how am I going to read the data ? I connected the serial data port to the MOSI PB2 port and am using the probomega128 platform. I have looked up on reading data off MOSI, but most of the them are for Mica2.

Anyone care to start me off ? an example will be greatly appreciated !!!

Thanks in advance.

Added after 1 minutes:

oh and Crumb128 modul datasheet is

status of atmega 128 now on aug- 2009


I only use the Pic micros and when I tried to do the same with a SHT10 I soon came to a similar halt.

It uses a Serial method of communication but its a custom software method as shown in the datasheet, using standard i/o ports, and you have to write the complete routine as its unique to those sensors.

Unforunately thats only the begining of the hard work, once the data is received it has to be 'converted /linerarised ' to produce the final results for displaying.

I could not understand how to do that at all, one for the gifted maths guys, fortunately a lot of searching did locate one program in Pic Assembler that I could use and adapt to my chip etc.

If you are programming in C there are several bits of code out there including Sensirons site.

If you are doing it in Assembler you might find something for your chip or possibly my Assembler code might a least give to at path to follow.

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