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Create a board file contains two child-board in Allegro PCB?

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Aug 2, 2012
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Hi all PCB designer.
I'm using Allegro PCB for designing PCB board. but I'm new to this software.
I want to ask how we create a .brd file (board file), but it contains more than one board. I mean, when we have two boards ( also it can be two diffirent boards, or the same boards), and when we order PCB companies to make our board, we want to have two boards per 1 dm2, for instance.
So, please. Anyone can help me how we do that in Allegro PCB.
thank so much!

If you mean two designs on a panel from your manufacturer, you do it with gerbers or ODB++, not in the CAD package.
So, can you show me how to merge two board in CAM350?
thanks for your help!

What you want to do different working card in same PCB ? you can make in board it self. if you not finished then do in board only.if it exceeds more then 10000 component then go with daughter card .please check is that requirement..?

As Marce said contact your PCB fabricator with required panel informations and check whether they can help you ( they might have gerber editing tools with them).
Or you combile schamatics of two boards in to single one ( since you can not load two different netlists to PCB) and use "break away "or "V groove" (what ever you need) in the board outline
There are several things to consider when trying to do this:

Are the boards ALWAYS going to be matched? i.e. if you modify one will you modify both?

If not and you put them both together in the same schematic/pcb then changing one means the other also needs changing/ up issuing.

However, if you make them as single boards, Gerber them and provide your board manufacture information on your required panel then they will combine them and make the appropriate panel. It's easy to do and they are experienced at it.

However, if you change 1 board then you will need to redo the panel for both.

You will also need to make special pick/placement machine programs that combine both and/or run the panel through twice.
Or if they are combined into a single board with a score line etc to allow separation then only 1 program needs making.

So once you have considered everything, to return to the original question, its is generally not a good idea to do it in the CAD package.
However it can be done as suggested by combining 2 schematics into one, on the PCB separate each boards parts and make a single board (assuming you are only allowed a single board outline) and using a board outline that covers both, perhaps with some score lines or routing path shown. Then it will be made as one, however you have the previous things to consider.

Oh - I have not even started on parts lists yet.....

okay, thank you all!
have a nice day.

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