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could anyone have acess to cadence remotely ?

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Oct 25, 2007
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could anyone have acess to cadence remotely between home and company? is the speed fast enough?

It depends on your network connection between your home and company.
I used VPN to login remote desktop in my office. And from that box I login to the design server.
In this case only graphic data and some control data are transfered on the network. It is smaller compared to the huge simulated waveform data.
My suggestion is that you use remote desktop to run xwindws server not your local desktop.
You can improve the speed further by using VNC not xwindows.


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to tsinghua:

1. is 1.5 mbps of dsl fast enough?

2. what kind of remote desktop program do you use? the one in xp or other commercial program, could you recommmend one for me?

3. prevously i use Exceed to connect from home, but speed is pretty slow, but exceed provides the best graphical interface , vnc dose improve the speed significantly, but not convenient to use, which vnc program do you use? could you recommmend one?

please reply accordingly, greatly appreciately that.

1. I am using ADSL with similar speed. I think it should be fast enough.
2. I use the remode desktop program in XP to connect to Win2003 Server.
3. For VNC, I am using RealVNC 4.


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to tsinghua:

i have tried xp's remote desktop before, but not successful, i have install TCP/IP protocol, and also enble the sharing service, what else do i have to do? thanks again.

I am not familiar with the remote desktop service in XP. We are using win2003 server to provide the remote desktop service for multiple people.

then how about the realvnc, is it user friendly?

The usage of RealVNC is the same as all other VNC variants. You just need start a VNC server on your workstation and set the password. This server can be started under normal user account.
RealVNC is more securer than other VNC variants. But you can increase the security by using SSH tunneling feature and use -localhost option to limit only this workstation can access this VNC server. Nowadays, the Linux distributions already have VNC installed. If your workstation does not have it, you can copy it in your home dir.
It is very easy. You can simply install it and try it.

previouly, i use vpn to setup connection to school, and use SSH and Exceed to acess cadence, exceed is very slow that, i have to shift to vnc, but vnc is just not graphical friendly (i can not expand the window to amolst full screen), that is why i ask u question in vnc, by the way, all this is run on xp.

vnc to your remote server,by only open ssh(22),and make a ssh forwarding.

make sure your window manager is not Gnome or KDE,but some light-window,like fvwm.

NXClient works a treat, you'll need to get your IT guy to set it up on your machine at work and give you the security key.

A couple of clear advantages of VNC is that you can access the same session from any location that you have vnc client installed. I can start a simulation on the vnc session from my office, shut down the client, drive home, start a new client accessing the same server session and check the simulation. Try that with exceed.

VNC does run quite slow though. I prefer using XWindows or something of the sort.

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