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CoolRunner II strange Programming Error

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Sep 5, 2005
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Hello to everybody !

I made a design for an XC2C128-VQ100, simulation ok, compiled ok, and when i try to program the chip with impact software, i have a very strange error, "ERROR:iMPACT:1982 - '1' Done bit could not be programmed correctly". As a result, the chip cannot be used anymore at all, if i try to get device ID, it will display that strange message, that many unknown devices are founded.... I use Xilinx Platform cable USB for programming and i tried with both ise 9.1 and 9.2 web editions. I searched the error, but i couldn't find what exactely means, or what can be the cause. I programmed before many devices and i never had this problem.
Any ideea will be usefull for me. Thanks in advance.


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"cannot be used anymore" -- Did it work before? Maybe the device got damaged somehow.

Are you sure you configured the JTAG chain correctly in iMPACT? A CoolRunner-II CPLD doesn't have a DONE bit.

Wild guess: If your JTAG chain includes an FPGA with platform flash, try temporarily changing the FPGA's mode pins (M0 M1 M2) from serial to JTAG.

Or maybe this old problem has returned?
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Also, check for glitches (signal integrity) on the JTAG TCK signal. Try iMPACT's Debug -> Chain Integrity Test.
If that's the problem, then simply adding a 100 ohm series resistor may cure it.

impack coolrunner-ii

"cannot be used anymore" -- Did it work before? Maybe the device got damaged somehow.

The devices were brand new, when i saw this error first time, i tried to program the device with another jed file, just for test. i write a simple vhdl code, and with that one there is no problem, can be programmed, read back, get device id, erase blank check. Same device, if i load the jed file with the problems, i try to program, progress bar goes to the end and after that error message is displayed.
On the board there is no other pld than XC2C128, no FPGA, no Config Memory, so cannot be from this. I know that Init and Done are only at FPGA.
I also try to use different cable speed, from 750 KHz to 24 MHz and the result was the same. Power supply level is ok, 1.8V for the core and 3.3V for IO2 and JTAG. On the same board, i tried with XC2C256, different jed file, and is working.

Can be file the jed file wrong ??? Why the CPLD cannot get device ID ? is there any way to disable JTAG without any confirmation ?. Anyway, if JTAG is disabled, the device should still work, but doesn't work...


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