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Connecting multiple speakers

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Nov 13, 2005
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Hi everyone,

Is it possible to connect different brands of speakers/woofers/etc to each other and then connect their input to, say, the audio port of a computer?
I know the issue is about the different powers each brand handles and the max power/current the audio output of a computer can handle, but is there a way to overcome this? Maybe there's something like a network 'hub' which you can connect all the speakers to while it is being fed by the audio card of a computer?

Any advise would be appreciated.

The main idea while connecting several speakers to one output is to achieve the required impedance ..
Any series/parallel combination is allowable .. see examle below ..
To see other examples go to:
Of course, power of speakers have to be taken into consideration .. I assume that you wouldn't connect 0.5W 4Ω with 100W 4Ω in one circuit ..


Thank you!

Just for my own knowledge, are the any devices that you could connect multiple speakers to while it is being fed by the audio card of a PC?

There are two further minor things to consider.

The electrical impedance of the speaker changes with frequency. If you put two completely different speakers in series there is the possibility of having ripples in the frequency response as the power splits unequally between the two speakers and the sum of their radiating sound field shifts the locations of any nulls in the room-speaker response.

The sound field from two speakers will have null directions at different frequencies. They should be placed close together to minimize this.

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