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Compressible Flow Analysis For Pipe Networks

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Mar 5, 2003
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pipe flow analysis

anyone interested in this freebee prog, PM me and I will post it. I must get at least 20 "posting requests". download and read it. combined retail price is in 5 digits US moulas '$'.
here are some details

AFT Arrow 2.0 for Windows - Compressible Flow Analysis For Pipe Networks. Û
Û Reduce installed cost, increase operating efficiency and do it in less Û
Û time. Today's demands on the systems engineer leave the traditional methods Û
Û of compressible flow analysis lacking. Simplifying assumptions and Û
Û approximations do not yield answers with sufficient precision to assure an Û
Û efficient and reliable system. The days of compromise are over. With an Û
Û efficient, easy-to-use interface providing access to a powerful Û
Û compressible flow solver, AFT Arrow provides the systems engineer the Û
Û capability to model real gases undergoing real processes. Along with its Û
Û equipment simulation capabilities and extensive output reports, AFT Arrow Û
Û is uniquely qualified for modeling real compressible flow systems including Û
Û steam, compressed air, chemical and petrochemical process gases, flare Û
Û headers including gas mixing, natural gas transport and many more. Û
Û Whether your system is a single flow path or complex network, open or Û
Û closed loop, AFT Arrow handles it all. With a library of system components Û
Û from fittings to compressors to control and relief valves, AFT Arrow Û
Û provides the capabilities to optimize a new system design, analyze an Û
Û existing system for modifications and explore the operating envelope. The Û
Û optional Chempak thermo-physical property database makes available 600 Û
Û gases and non-reacting mixtures as defined pre-mixtures and dynamic flow Û
Û stream mixtures. Û
Û AFT Arrow's powerful solution engine simultaneously solves the five Û
Û fundamental equations of flow; mass, momentum, energy, state and Mach Û
Û number. Users may select ideal or real gases, and isothermal, adiabatic or Û
Û generalized heat transfer conditions. An intelligent solver sets a new Û
Û standard in solver robustness and speed by dynamically selecting the Û
Û optimum calculation method based on the solution progress. This analytical Û
Û power is readily accessible through an interface that assures a short Û
Û learning curve and high productivity. Models are assembled graphically in a Û
Û familiar schematic format. Extensive reporting features are user Û
Û configurable for easy selection of data and units in both tabular and Û
Û graphical output. Û
Û Building on the confidence of thousands of applications of its predecessor, Û
Û AFT Arrow 2.0 brings a new level of capabilities and ease of use to Û
Û compressible flow analysis. AFT Arrow's leading edge flow analysis is Û
Û backed by technical support provided by a team of customer oriented Û
Û engineers with real world experience who understand your projects. More Û
Û than software support, AFT provides the pipe flow analysis knowledge that Û
Û comes with extensive engineering experience. Û
Û NEW In Version 2.0

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