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COM EXPRESS Motherboard for Intel Atom N550

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May 5, 2011
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I write software and did electronics at A-Level (16 - 19 school) so only have an elementary understanding of the whole arena.

I'm currently putting together a couple of hardware based projects as part of my own venture and have a niggling issue - the development costs incurred around purchasing the motherboards holding my CPUs.

Considering that Intel have published reference designs for motherboards holding their Atom chips, what would it take for a decent electronics engineer to build one of these boards?

Is it a matter of needing equipment to get it done or is the amount and nature of work such that is requires a professional big-company-backed team?

If I could meet and partner with someone or some people who could do this kind of thing it would make a HUGE difference to the numbers on my business plan and impact on product ideas I have going forward.

I'm currently looking at a taiwanese company's product:

**broken link removed**

I know everything on this board can be purchased, so by looking at this board and Intel's reference designs, how hard is it for a decent electronics engineer to build these things?

Please post with any comments as I need to really understand what the average electronics engineer is capable of doing.

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