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codes for capacitors, resistance falls with the specified tolerance

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Apr 18, 2011
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I think the color codes for capacitors are the same as for the resistors.

It says the resistance falls with the specified tolerance. What does it mean?

On this link it says "The first two figures give 10 the third figure'4' gives 0000 and the last 'k' = 10%" (3rd paragraph 1st line). The table given for tolerance at the end of that link has no value for "k". Why is so?

Tolerance is a term that defines the range of values above and below the labeled value that an actual component may have. For example, a resistor labeled 220 Ω with a tolerance of 10% may have an actual value of 220+10% (242 Ω) to 220 -10% (198 Ω). As you can see in the tables, not all tolerances are expressed as percentages. I once asked whether tolerance was related to any statistical sampling, e.g., whether it represented some number of standard deviations or such. The answer I got was "no." It is a qualification and every piece must be within the tolerance to be released. You will also find that a package of 5% resistors from the same lot will probably be much closer than 5% to each other.

I looked at the table and cannot find a "k" tolerance where you indicate. What that table shows is that when there is no label, the default tolerance is 10%.


Edit: I stand corrected. I had assumed its absence in the table was a default. Apparently, it should read "k." The tolerance should also read ±10%, not ±I0%. So, I assume both are typos.
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Bro tolerance is different in care of resistors and capacitors .in case of resistors , its the amount by Which resistance Can vary than indicated by colour coded value.similarly for capacitor.refer upper link.

Reading capacitors is just like reading resistors, only different. The letter is the tolerance, and the three numbers denote the value and are read in the same way as that for resistors except the base unit is pF (picoFarad, 1 pF = 10-12 F = 10-6 μF). So a marking of 154K is 15*104=1.5*105 pF=150000pF=0.15 μF. The letter K represents the tolerance (+/-10%). Other common letters for tolerance are M (+/- 20%), J (+/- 5%), G (+/- 2%), F(+/- 1%) and Z (+80%/-20%).

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