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[PIC] code on how to send a text to hyperteminal through usart upon pressing a botton

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Ralph Marime

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May 30, 2015
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I want a code on mikroC such that I can send a text to vb via usart upon pressing a button on a pic 16f1946 on proteus

if you do a forum search for PIC16 USART you will find many posts
in VB you can use the SerialPort component from the toolbox to receive/transmit data from a serial interface

Try this mikroC PRO PIC project. It is working in Proteus. You have to use COMPIM model in Proteus to interface with VB.

pic16f1946 uart.png


  • PIC16F1946 UART.rar
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thanks for the picture milan but um in great need of the simple code upon turning on a logic state high.would greatly appreciate it because my project is due next week.


We write a FAQ for newcomers, and especially for students.

So what happens here?
- You are asking for code.
Usually you don't ask for code. You first write some code and if it doesn't work you post it
and ask for advice. Asking for code, everybody will think you're just a lazy chap who wants
his homework made by others.
- This time, you were lucky, somebody gives you a fully working code.
When you get a working code, a good thing is to first try to make it work, then figure out
how to adapt it to your homework, and then, back to first point, ask for advice if what you wrote
doesn't work
At this point, I should add: use a versioning system. For example tortoise git or tortoise svn or
something else. Then if you start from a working program, modify a few lines, in case it doesn't
work anymore, you can easily come back to the last working version.
- Last comment:
Apparently the code you got is EXACTLY what you want. The only difference is that the button
works in the opposite polarity. So here is my advice: if you really cannot solve this problem,
you may consider to change your field of study for something else. Why not cooking? Cooking
would be perfect because you do exactly as written on the recipe.


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