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Clarification for MIMO ....

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Mar 30, 2007
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1. Wheather BLAST(Bell Layered Space Time) is a general system or not for MIMO system.

2. If BLAST is a general system , then what is difference between general system and BLAST system in terms of performances in MIMO.

3. What is the relationship between no of transmitting and no of receiver antennas for different categories of MIMO system.

anybody help on these.... urgent for now

Thanks in advance

Your question is not clear for me, but I have some comments.
BLAST is a type of space time codes that uses in MIMO systems.

Consider a flat-fading MIMO channel,
V-BLAST is an algorithm to extract the data transmitted by each Tx antenna from the received antenna branches.

So As I know it is an algorithm developed and used in MIMO systems.

[3]: how do you categorize different MIMO systems?

In some papers, they mentioned BLAST System used for High data rate applications....
In some book, VBLAST is a architecture breaks the orginal data into M substreams that are transmitted on individual antennas. that substream are uncoded version.

Do you have any materials to support BLAST is a algorithm for MIMO System..

I cannot give accurate comment based on your readings (cited above).
But generally, MIMO systems are used to increase data rate ( specifically in High data rate applications.... ). Moreover, I think the second citation is the way VBLAST works.

Space time coding is the coding type that is used in MIMO system with M antenna in transmitter and N antenna in receiver.
Space time coding have 2 basic category. Just in one of them the target is increasing the data rate. In this category a very famous coding is V-BLAST.
Therefore I think the (V-)BLAST is not system or algorithm. It is a type of coding in MIMO systems.
For more information I suggest you a very good book by Jafarkhani. Its name is Space-Time Coding, Theory and Practice.

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