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Circuit simulator

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Aug 1, 2011
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Dear All
Have a nice day

I need to simulate RLC circuit at initial state and steady state that I need to showcase current pass through the capacitor and inductor at steady state and just before steady state for students

What is the best simulator is available to download free

Except Porteous

Thanks in advanced

Falstad's animated interactive simulator. Free to download and use:

It opens automatically to a running RLC circuit with scope waveforms.

Current flow is portrayed as animated electrons (or current bundles) moving through wires faster or slower to depict intensity.

Featured in several Youtube videos.


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I did an internet search "best free circuit simulators".

Lots of pages that explain how they did the research,why and why not ... and so on. Some come with charts and tables...and experience.

I guess it´s more information than one can expect form a forum thread.

The same question has been asked here in the forum several times before.



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Several on these electronic forums, including myself, use the free LTspice simulator from Analog Devices, which is a fairly full featured Spice simulator, and is the best type of simulator for any serious analog simulation.
It has a somewhat steep learning curve, but there are good tutorials and example circuits available, and we can help if you have any questions.
Example simulation below:


You can consider LT-Spice. LTspice is a widely used circuit simulator that is available for free from Analog Devices. It includes a large library of components, including capacitors, inductors, and resistors, and can simulate both initial and steady-state conditions of RLC circuits. It is free too.
By the way, here is a list of top 10 Free Circuit Simulators for Engineering Students. You way like to take a look:


Simetrix/Simplis was Analog Devices simulator up until 2019. For reasons :

But same guy then wrote :

As an ex LTC user I found LTC a real pain in the arse with simple problems like
probing, bode, impedance, etc.. I will still use it if I am forced to but not w/o
pushback. As a user of Berkeley Spice back in the day then LTC until I discovered
Simetrix the transition / learning curve was a cakewalk.

In 2017 AD bought Linear Technology. In 2019 dropped Simetrix/Simplis. Although they
still recommend ADIsimPE based on Simetrix/Simplis. Its only conjecture but did AD
drop Simetrix because using LTC, since they now owned it, no license fees ?

I would love to see a thorough evaluation with deep insight of the simulators and
their strengths and weaknesses'. That would serve the engineering community well.

Regards, Dana.

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