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cheap/free controller to run linux

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Mar 29, 2002
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does anyone know of a cheap or free soft core (rtl) that can
be used to run linux? something like an 8051 with an mmu (memory management unit)?



from my understanding, cpu likes 8051 does not support mmu. what kind of application is in your mind ? maybe i can give you some other suggestion.

i know well that the 8051 doesn't have mmu...what I need is something as widely available as 8051 but withh mmu. maybe this doesn't exist.
the application is network storage (flash based). I know there are a lot of ic's for this, but i need a soft core.



Have a look at, there may be something there that could be suitable.

See LART **broken link removed**

Why don't you consider uCLinux instead? It doesn't need a MMU, and it's quite nice.

If you're talking about 8051 derivatives then you'll never gonna get (uC)linux to run on it (o;
It needs a 32 bit CPU with/without MMU.

For small embedded Linux devices consider one of those many Coldfire/Arm CPU's. Non-MMU support is already merged into the Linux-2.5.xx tree.

Otherwise you may want to have a look at our opensource TCP/IP stack instead:

**broken link removed**

Triscend E5

Well ....There is triscend .... A 8051 fast core with a "kinda" MMU
The triscend E5 has a mapping mecananism that is very close of a MMU
(you have to do the caching yourself)

Otherwise they have also the E7 .. thats an arm with MMU ..

8051 core doesn't support MMU. So you have to go for uClinux which very difficult for controller like 8051.

Linux requires 32 bit core and minmum of 4 MB of flash and 8MB of SDRAM.

There are many controllers which support linux from ATMEL.
at91sam9xxxxx series controllers support Linux.

Hynix hms30c7202 supports Linux...

There are many controllers support Linux...

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