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Can you please help me find ground for this circuit?

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May 18, 2011
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Long story short: Red Sparkling Dots on Plasma TV a.k.a Red Snow, kind of like "hell vision" may be caused by incorrect voltage if cause is not interference, cabling etc.

After you open up the TV and read this: please click here

If you want to check if Vsus is 193 Volts,

You get the Service Manual. Locate the Test Point locations, please click here

So now if you put the RED part of the Digital Multimeter on the Test Point, where does black go... where is ground for the circuit?

• 1. Here is the Schematic, please click here

• 2. For actual Pic of Plasma TV Schematic, please click here

• 3. Overall view, please click here

For additional info please click here.

My problem is, when I attach the digital multimeter test probes like this when the TV is on: click here

I get no change on the display: click here

Thank you for your help.

EDIT: I just got it:

When I make contact with RED to the green tip on the picture, I got a 15V reading and a 192V reading on the TPVSUS which means it's perfect, moving on to other test points.

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I know it's not the cables because red snow appears with multiple inputs, even VGA input. It could be power related.

Vset was 249V vs specs: 260V +/- 7V but I don't think it's that, there is no way to adjust that that I can see.

Results here.
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