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Can someone convert asm to hex please

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May 5, 2011
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I want to built the servo tester with pic12f675 but the code is in asm,I need to be into hex code to prograam the chip.
Here is web site with project servo pic12f675 and on bottom of site is source code in asm,I nees someone to convert into hex code please

Servo tester site here

All you need is MPLAB which is free from Microchip. I had to change the '.inc' file to "P12F675" before it would compile but I have attached the resulting HEX file for you. If you need to make any changes, I really recommend you download MPLAB.



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Thanks a lot betwixt,tomorow I will test the servo tester and I will reply.
Regards macobt

This hex dont work,please convert it again,I dont know to use it Mplab,anyone to help please :(

first of all create new folder then save your asm file in it
using MPLAB New project then project wizard then continue sure you will win

But I dont know to work with Mplab,that why I need help someone to convert for me please>

This hex dont work
How do you know? There are only few possibilities to compile it incorrect but many to screw up the circuit and some more to transfer the hex file incorrectly. What's your programmer? Obviously, you don't like MPLAB.

very difficult to understand you
please post your asm file then we will compile it and post hex file

I have pickit clone and the programming the chip its OK,I tested my project and all the wireing is ok,when I turn on the servo tester nothing!

Problem solved,thanks to alll

Please tell us what it was - I believe the asembling to HEX I did was correct, was it a hardware problem?


Problem was the crystal,new crystal but with defect,I buy a new one and now work great
here is video of my servo tester

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