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Can MPEG2 or MPEG4 Video be transmit over IEEE802.11a,g

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Apr 14, 2002
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Does Anybody know if there are suitable solutions for Digital Video Sender?
I recently study if MPEG2 or MPEG4 Video can be transmit over IEEE802.11a and IEEE802.11g
Does anyone have experiences on that?
The max data rate of IEEE802.11a is it enough to transmit the time-bounded(real time) MPEG2 or MPEG4 Video?


yes it´s can be tranmited
you just have to ajust the amount of data your wireless sistem suports

I think for streaming mpeg data.... we need to wait for 802.11e to be out ...
Otherwise there wont be any quality in a high congestion network.

Yes, it can be, you can choose to transmit in multicast way or unicast way. and the bandwiith usage is depende on your encoder, you can choose to encode and send out lower bit rate bitstream.
of course, if there are no QoS gurantee in transmission media(802.11), then it will result in a congestion situation, the only solution is like ethernet --- use RTSP.


you can use 802.11a to transmit streaming data under the condition that the whole bandwidth is used by that application only. so, a 1-1 link or a broadcasting mode is feasible. i have seen Atheros live demonstration. they connect two notebooks with 802.11a. one acts as the player and the other one acts as the display. it is cool.

please read this paper which discuss the performance of 802.11a

RTP wont be effective in increasing the QoS for a wireless LAN.

If its only a 1:1 WLAN .. streaming .. no problem.


rtsp and 802.11a is the only combination

I've had good luck with most mpeg4 encoded streams using only 802.11b. For mpeg2 (dvd rips) you need a bit more bandwidth so you either have to use turbo mode 802.11b or 802.11g to make it work. I've been doing this at home for at least a year with b radios and the last couple of months with g and have had no problems.

Take a look at for a streaming solution.

guys any idea on how to download mp4 (Quickstream container) or mov steamed over RTSP protocol??????

none of the popular tools are able to download such streams.........
an example link is below


well one way is to open the link (rtsp replaced by h**p) in a web browser then record using "mov recorder 1.3" but this method is not effective........the file thus obtained is not really would frame badly and the content hardly visible (if ur closer to the source the result is better).........

share of 'know how' on this is very much appreciated.

another info on this..........hidownload is able to download only audio (mp4a) part but not the video I wonder why.......

plz share your info in this matter


Folks, requirement for MPEG content transfer has to be understood here. As per as 802.11 g max data transfer rate is considered, it is 54 Mbps raw data rate and not the content throughput data rate, obviously content throughput data rate is going to be less than this and how much it is, on average it is around 25 Mbps TCP and 27 Mbps UDP. Isnt this data rate sufficient for MPEG content transfer ???? believe it should be. As far as QoS is considered, 802.11e mentions various quality categories which can be supported by 802.11. So, i think both the QoS and data rate criteria is fullfilled for MPEG content transfer.

To record video stream you can use a great open source software named VideoLAN.

Hope this helps

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