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[SOLVED] CAN Bus - request for resources

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can bus codes doc

Anyone here use it? Any good sites? Caveots?

Any info would be apreciated.


Hi AckThupt
You can search this forum, or the web. It's a very popular argument.
As a starting point you may want to check the Can In Automation site You can find pretty much everything you need.
I attached below a brief intro to CAN,the specs from Bosch, a list of the microcontroller and stand alone CAN controller.
Have fun....

Uploaded file: **broken link removed**
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On 2002-02-26 05:01, AckThupt wrote:
Anyone here use it? Any good sites? Caveots?

Siemens C167CR/Thomson ST10 CPU's are good
for CAN bus, nice all-around embedded 16-bitters with internal flash and good CAN

Motorola 56F8xx series have internal CANs
and are pretty good, though the C167CR
is easiest to develop with PLS tools, there
is both slower S/W version of their tool,
and much more advanced, excellent h/w+s/w
version, but it costs, though much less for
students. Keil debugger is also fair for
the Can development, but does not match

Microchip has 2510 CAN chip for PICs and
others that use SPI bus, pretty ok.

Philips has also can-controllers, and
many others.

CAN has worked as a better way to perform
serial communications, more reliable and
fairly easy to use, beating uart/rs485 at
least in automotive apps. Supports loads
of nodes.

Please visit to ww*****, they have good site and examples of code

I tried the Philips SJA1000 one time and it worked pretty well. I also used some tools from Kvaser, their site has some useful information downloads.

the same for profibus or bitbus??

Re: CAN Bus

i couldnt download the CAN_BUS. ZIP file can u upload again?

Re: CAN Bus

anyone ever use CAN database files (.dbc) to sort through CAN Bus codes?

Re: CAN Bus

i think this pdf will be useful

Re: CAN Bus

i think this pdf will be useful

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