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Calculation of mutual inductance involving lumped inductors

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Jan 16, 2021
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Hey all,

I have two lumped inductors one of value 2 nH and another of 6 nH in series. I have used the SMD inductors from Murata for this circuit.
My question is, how do i calculate the mutual inductance between these inductors? How do I know what is the value of coefficient of coupling?
It is said that the coefficient of coupling depends on the amount of fluk linkage? How can I quantify the same in the case of two lumped inductors?

You can be pretty sure that the datasheet doesn't specify coupling behaviour. It's effectively impossible due to the large number of involved parameters (distance, orientation, metal objects in the vincinity affecting the magnetical field).

Unfortunately you didn't even mention the inductor type (wirewound, multilayer, thin film) and chip size.

Consider an AC magnetic FEM simulation.

The inductors used are wirewound type (LQW15AN series from Murata). The size code of the inductors are 0402.

Mutual inductance depends on the relative orientation and distance (center to center) of the two inductors. Plus it will also depend on the environment ((one side may be blocked by the PCB board, copper conductors etc).

Except in the simplest cases (both has their long axis parallel and the short axes collinear OR their tong axes are orthogonal and long axis of one is on the same line as the short axis of the other) calculation of the mutual inductance may be difficult.

As the inductors are rather small, if they are physically more than a few mm apart, you may ignore the mutual inductance.

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