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Cadence layout 'ghost' cells


May 25, 2015
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Hi, when viewing the gds of a cell (or in LVS) there are some cells that I don't see in the layout viewer. How can I remove them? thanks
What tool?

In Cadence, I'd set displayLevels to 0 (just outlines), turn off grid,
zoom out full, select-All and see what's showing up with little
white dots out where there should be nothing. Once you know
where they are, you can drag-select the area and property-edit
one of them. Once you know the names you may be able to
search-select and deal with appropriately. If you can select them,
you can delete them.

But are the cells unviewable, or did they fail to get exported
clean? "Don't see" could be a display problem or a content
problem, like.
hmm, it's really generated by gXL - somehow you generate the devices and replace them but in a kind of memory it is still present in the layout, but you can not see it...gds will pick it up so you will get problems with LVS/PVS
I wonder if this pertains to "flight line anchor points" being
placed with cells in "create layout from schematic", and the
cells getting moved without those anchors following. Maybe
toggle flight-lines and see if that is it? If so maybe there
is a menu item for "cleanup"? Where, would be the next

Finding one and inspecting it, for "what, why, where from?"
might offer better clues than my guessing.

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