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C Programming Language

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Aug 27, 2004
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Hi, can any1 explain wat's the different btw C, C++ programming language ?

Wat's the bible for those above programming language which suitable for beginner to learn ? Thx in advance.

I'm not a C wiz, but I think C++ has advantage in OOP

the best bible? Of course, the book that has the athor called Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie (these poeple are the developers of C and C++)

Hi ,

The C++ language supports all syntax of C Language plus some new features.
The most important feature of C++ is it's ability to implement OOP codes.

OOP concepts include class definition, and calss manipulations that itself needs a 3 units university course to be learned.

However there is no difference between C and C++ at the starting time. However I suggest to start with C++. And if you are interested to work in visual space I prefer to have a look at C# language. Thats the best for Visual programming in VS.NET similar environments.

I disagree with eelinker.
I think you better to start from C and then learn C++. The reason is that C gives us basics of language. Also in some fields of EDA design (for example - microprocessors programming) you will need knowledge of C language, not C++.

I also recommend you to learn C/C++ language before C#, if you want to learn C#.
IMHO C# is very simple and easy learning language, but it does not learn you how does it all really works :)

Well, it's only my own opinion. :)
Make your choise!

You better start learning C, not with C++ or C#.

In electronics C is the basic high-level programming language

IF you want to program only PC's you may choose to start with C#.

I started learning programming for micro's,... in C and programming on PC's I started with Visual Basic

yup, in my point of view, it is proper for you to start with C 1st, then migrate to C++ and C#. don't worry.. once you can understand the concept very well, c++ is not a big problem to you.

~ it s works very well on me :D

The famous Deitel books can be useful too, to get started

the bible for c++ is 'object oriented programming' by Robert lafore

Start With C then C++ then Java or C#.
C Language is very important in electronics after assembly language.
right now i m using it to do micro controller programming.

C Language is very important in electronics after assembly language

Hi all,

So much said and noted, I may say this-

C is the first most fundamental structured and 'complete' high level language. Ofcourse C++, JAVA, C# differ in style where as all of them have derived their structure more or less from C.

Coming to application part- C is still a particularly popular choice and might continue to be so for Embedded, DSP, Instrumentation, computer controlled automation and similar fields/domains.

Whereas an integrated platform like Visual Studio or VS.NET offers much more powerful and structured features which are otherwise very difficult (rather very very difficult..!!!) to implement. For ex implementing a 'class' is easier here. These features are more handy if we are talking about domains like software development and related ones.

Hope my effort summarises the discussion.


Thx for all u guys advice & suggestion. I think start with C is the best for me because im using it for Microprocessor programming :D Thx again !

C makes a better option as far as embedded programming is concerned.. for eg. Kiel or Embedded C.
C has an edge over C++ in embedded systems due to the fact that C++ consumes much space in its library files, which are more in number than that of C.

C++ is object oriented language, unlike C

I am confused. If C++ is better, why will I waste time studying C ?

It depends your application.. But embedded systems are usually coded in C. If you are into software development you may use C++ or any other object oriented languages

hai, here iam attached one ppt regarding c & c++
you gothrough that material. you get an idea.

thank u,

c is used for microcntroller programming not c++.i think doesn't have support for low & high level labguages.

hi... for beginners it would be best to go with C.... C++ is more advanced and hence a bit complicated than C.... But C++ has some useful concepts that C does not. The most important is Object Oriented Programming Systems. But if u master in C, that too is sufficient....

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