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Business Opportunity for PCB assembly in Noida, India

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Jan 31, 2006
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This is my profile:-

Location - Singapore

Background - Bachelor of Engineering, MSc in Computers.

Related Experience - AVR and 8051 based system. VB and C coding FPGA / CPLD.

Manufacturing Setup - I own Industrial Land in Noida (near Delhi, India), Building coming up in a years time.

Plan to setup electronic manufacturing unit offering microcontrollers development system and solutions. I/O Modules, finished H-bridge boards, Stepper motor drivers etc etc etc. I am still working on it, ALL IDEAS are welcome.

Looking for - Engineers (partners, anywhere in the world) who are planning to start a business (can be home based) in selling electronic boards and offering solutions based on uC and CPLD / FPGA.

Business Strength - My location in Singapore puts me in advantage in terms of sourcing electronic parts etc. Whereas my plant in India will help me produce PCB assembly and software solution at competitive price.

I plan to setup a business model where all my operations cost will be fully transparent to the partners. I will manage a centralised website where all the products and partners address will be listed. Still open to suggestions.


Re: Business Opportunity

what's your email address?

Re: Business Opportunity


Are you looking for a good PCB designer?

If interested you can email me at for my resume.


Re: Business Opportunity

Please keep me updated...

Re: Business Opportunity


I plan to keep the whole operation as much lean as possible. The most elaborate setup will be the plant in Noida, India that will not cost me more than $2500/month to staff it with people to assemble and test PCB and a webmaster to manage the website.

Noida is one of the major Industrial Zone in northern India having Cadence development center and SGS Thomson's design center over and above other numerous VLSI design centers.

I am looking for partners in US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Hence if you are and Engineering Graduate and plan to start your own business in 1 / 2 years time than please contact me. I need partners who can promote the product in their area and suggest new requirements. I am very confident of price competitiveness of this business model.

Further you do not have to spend any money. I Just need like minded people who have interest in Hardware design around µC and ROBOTICS.

Lastly I want to thank all those who have replied to my posting and send me PM.


Re: Business Opportunity


I'm very pleased to know about your buisness interest.
I'm a freelance researcher/consultant in IC/VLSI design based in the US with experience in a wide range of tools and technology. I also have a good network of experienced and leading reasearchers in this field.
Please mail me at with your buisness plan/proposal or any information you would like to share. I'm currently on a India trip and trying to figure out the market here, so if you are in India please give your contact details too. I'd be glad to talk to you.

Thanks and regards

Re: Business Opportunity

Hi Antonioa

Thanks for your interest. I have send you PM with my email id.


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