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Building your own PICKit 2 programmer

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Apr 9, 2007
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I start thinking about PICkit 2 when I had some problems trying to program a PIC10F222:

I made some search, and spend some time seeing the microchip site and I like what I saw:

**broken link removed**

The PICKit 2 is a low cost programmer/debugger, it program all the PICs and some eeproms.

In PICKit 2 user guide Microchip give you the schematic of it, give you the firmware that you need to put in a PIC18F2550 to build the PICKit 2 and also give you that source code for the PICKit 2 soft.

And now in Mplab v7.62 you can program and debug a good number of PICs :) , and I think that in newer versions some more PICs will be added.

Better is almost impossible ;-)

Since it is a low cost I will by one, but until I get it at home I made a clone for the 5V PICs only, it's very simple as you can see(I have done a lot of simplification in the PICKit 2 schematic, and only have what I need):

View images of it in action at:

pickit2 clone

I already have 2 pcs of pickit 2 I ordered it online.

I ordered 2 pcs 2 divide the packaging fee in two and I intend to sell the other 1.

I built my self a gtp-usb lite to utilize the usb port but unfortunately my laptop was one of the few units that are not compatible with gtp-usb lite.

As of now the pickit2 serves its purpose well.

For those who are looking forward to have one please download the latest software for pickit 2 since the software in the package is not updated.


pickit clone

Here is the schematic, pdf file is also available in this forum.

pickit schematic

I saw you recommend an external power to the PICkit 2, our design has an external power design on the top right conner of my last post.
Feel free to use it as a reference.

Actuall, it can be designed very complicate and very powerful as did many other Microchip's design. it is the limited space and enclosure size make us to select a simple approach.

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