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Building a Peltier based cooler

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Jul 11, 2002
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Peltier Cooler

Has anybody build a Prltier based cooler

Re: Peltier Cooler

Don't expect to much from the Peltier heat pumps ..

They are pretty inefficient, but in some applications (beer cooling, for example) they can be very usefull ..
You can find tons of articles on the net, so I won't go into details, but here is a couple of remarks on this subject:
Fact 1: it uses a lot of current; for example, a 75W Peltier will require 12-14V and at least 6A, but all you can have of it is roughly 30W (see picture below) ..
Fact2: it has limited temperature difference between its two sides ..
Fact3: if you don't ensure proper heat tramsfer/dispatch from its hot side you will cause more damage than good ..
.. etc. etc.


Peltier Cooler

They are extremely useful for cooling a CCD image sensor (to greatly reduce its dark current). In that application you don't have to move much heat, so you can stack two or three Peltiers to get lower temperature. I have a three-level Peltier that cools a 25x25mm CCD from +25C down to below -40C. The hot side is connected to a heatsink and fan.

Re: Peltier Cooler

They are pretty inefficient, but in some applications (beer cooling, for example) they can be very usefull ..

I second that motion. Salvaged several out of an old DEC power supply and constructed a beer cooling coaster, worked great. However they are very current hungry as IanP mentioned.

Make sure you use a good heatsink and fan! The opposite side gets very hot.


The Peltier chiller is a static cooler useful in the car battery /mobile sources .The hot side needs alum extruded fins with forced air cooling.
Latest efficient 50x50mm chips use 6VDC/6Amps ..two/four chips are enough for heavy sweating and lowering down temp to 10*C .within 15mins.

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